Crises - I'm Not a Slave

Written by Paul McCartneyCarl Davis

Album This song officially appears on the Liverpool Oratorio Official album.
Timeline This song has been officially released in 1991

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Song facts

I’m Not a Slave” is the sixth track of the seventh movement – entitled “Crises” – of Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Oratorio, released in 1991.

VII: CRISES. Mary Dee sings to the child inside of her, fretting for it’s future, Shanty arrives home slightly drunk, short-tempered and demanding dinner. They row over money and Shanty’s feelings of inadequacy. Shanty wounds her by doubting her love and Mary Dee storms out – telling him, as she goes, that she is pregnant. In her blind anger and her hurt, she runs in front of a car and is knocked down. In hospital, a nurse wills her to live as – in delirium – Mary Dee sees the ghosts again. She fights to cling on to the life of her baby as the ghosts try to steal it from her. At her bed, Shanty prays, promising to reform if only Mary Dee and the baby are saved.

“Liverpool Oratorio” liner notes

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I'm not a slave
I work for a living
I can command the respect of my peers
Where did you go?
You were out with the boys

So what if I went for a drink?
You'd think to listen to you
It was some sort of crime

I needed someone to talk to
But all I could find was myself
If you were the same man I married
You'd know that your woman needs love

And what about me?
I suppose I don't matter
I'm not even sure
If you ever loved me

Officially appears on

Liverpool Oratorio

Official album • Released in 1991

0:52 • LiveL1

Paul McCartney :
Executive producer
Eddie Klein :
Additional engineer
John Timperley :
Balance engineer
Carl Davis :
Orchestra conductor
Peter Mew :
Additional engineer, Editor
John Fraser :
Kiri Te Kanawa :
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra :
Timothy Walden :
Solo cello (?)
Nic Raine :
Assistant to carl davis
Martin Astle :
Additional engineer
Tom Leader :
Additional engineer, Editor
Jerry Hadley :

Concert From the concert in Liverpool, United Kingdom on Jun 28, 1991

Live performances

“Crises - I'm Not a Slave” has been played in 2 concerts.

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