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Paul’s first full-scale departure into classical music was unveiled with the live recording of Liverpool Oratorio. On the night itself, Paul explained: “I remember coming here to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral when I was 11 to audition for the choir. I failed the audition. I always hoped that one day I would be able to get my own back.  Three years ago I was given the opportunity when Carl Davis approached me on behalf of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society to write a piece for their 150th Anniversary Celebrations. Carl and I started working then on what was to become the Oratorio for Liverpool. Finally, after hundreds of hours of scoring and re-scoring we finished it.” From a rough outline concept the project developed into an eight movements, a triumph that befits its two esteemed creators, Paul and his symphonic collaborator Carl Davis. Each of the movements has a theme – War, School, Crypt, Father, Wedding, Work, Crises and Peace, each of them loosely based on Paul’s life, and entrancing in its own way. The album was a huge success on the classical charts upon release and even entered the mainstream US Top 200, almost unheard of for a classical piece of work.

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The album

Liverpool Oratorio

By Paul McCartney • Official album

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