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Released in 1991

Wedding - I Know I Should Be Glad of This

Written by Paul McCartneyCarl Davis

Last updated on July 11, 2019

Album This song officially appears on the Liverpool Oratorio Official album.

Timeline This song was officially released in 1991

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I Know I Should Be Glad of This” is the first track of the fifth movement – entitled “Wedding” – of Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Oratorio, released in 1991.

V: WEDDING. A few years later. As Shanty muses on the top of a bus, Mary Dee is drawn to him. She soothes his self-doubts and calms his impatient ambitions and they pledge their love and marry.

“Liverpool Oratorio” liner notes



I know

I should be glad of this

For to be thankful is

To know.

I hope

That you will still be here,

The time is drawing near

For us to know.

MARY DEE (no longer as a ghost)

I'll always be here

As long as you've got time for me.

Whether it's joy or sadness,

It doesn't matter -

As long as you have time for me,

We will be together.


I know

That to be thankful is

Not what I need, but just for right now

It's all I've got.

I know that patience is a virtue.

But at this time in my life

I need something more.

Something in the air

Is slowly drawing us together.


Sit tight,

Be brave,

And believe in something more.


If I could sit still,

It I could be courageous.

I have a feeling that there's something

Drawing us inevitably towards it.


If you have patience,

You needn't wait for ever.

This is the story that they tell the children

Who are always asking the question.


I know

Someone is making sense.


We have a common sense.




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Wedding - I Know I Should Be Glad of This” has been played in 2 concerts.

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