Shimmy Like Kate

Written by Armand PironFred SmithCliff GoldsmithUnreleased song

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Song facts

From Wikipedia:

“I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate”, often simply “Sister Kate”, is an up-tempo jazz dance song, written by Armand J. Piron and published in 1922.

The lyrics of the song are narrated first person by Kate’s sister, who sings about Kate’s impressive dancing skill and her wish to be able to emulate it. She laments that she’s not quite “up to date”, but believes that dancing the Shimmy like “Sister Kate” will rectify this, and she will be able to impress “all the boys in the neighborhood” like her sister.

Over the years this song has been performed and recorded by many artists, including Frances Faye and Rusty Warren, a 1959 version by Shel Silverstein, The Olympics in 1960 (released as “Shimmy Like Kate”), the Red Onion Band, and a beat version by The Remo Four in 1964. It was performed live by The Beatles in 1962, and a recording of one such performance appears on Live! at the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany; 1962. […]


Star Club - Hamburg, Germany - December 1962

Unofficial live

3:15 • Live • The recording date is a guess - all we now for certain is that the Star-Club tapes were recorded between December 18 and 31, 1962.


Unofficial live • Released in 2015

2:39 • Live

ZU LAUT! - Live at the Star-Club

Unofficial live • Released in 2015

2:18 • Live

Live performances

“Shimmy Like Kate” has been played in 1 concerts.

Latest concerts where Shimmy Like Kate has been played


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