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ZU LAUT! - Live at the Star-Club

By The BeatlesUnofficial live • Part of the collection “The Lord Reith Collection

Last updated on May 19, 2021

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Disc 1

  1. Link

    0:28 • Live

  2. I Saw Her Standing There

    Written by Lennon - McCartney

    2:49 • Live

  3. Link

    0:43 • Live

  4. Hallelujah, I Love Her So

    Written by Ray Charles

    2:10 • Live • Guest lead vocal by Horst Fascher, Star-Club manager

  5. Link

    0:27 • Live

  6. Red Hot

    Written by Billy Emerson

    1:26 • Live

  7. Sheila

    Written by Tommy Roe

    1:50 • Live

  8. Link

    0:42 • Live

  9. Medley

    1. Kansas City

      Written by Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller

      2:10 • Live • Medley with "Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey"

    2. Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey

      Written by Richard Penniman / Little Richard

      2:10 • Live • Medley with "Kansas City"

  10. Link

    0:18 • Live

  11. Link

    0:56 • Live

  12. Reminiscing

    Written by King Curtis

    1:43 • Live

  13. Link

    0:51 • Live

  14. Link

    0:11 • Live

  15. Sweet Little Sixteen

    Written by Chuck Berry

    2:48 • Live

  16. Link

    1:06 • Live

  17. Roll Over Beethoven

    Written by Chuck Berry

    2:21 • Live

  18. Link

    0:34 • Live

  19. A Taste Of Honey

    Written by Bobby Scott, Ric Marlow

    2:37 • Live

  20. Link

    1:07 • Live

  21. I Saw Her Standing There

    Written by Lennon - McCartney

    2:49 • Live

  22. Link

    0:45 • Live

  23. To Know Her Is To Love Her

    Written by Phil Spector

    3:06 • Live

  24. Link

    0:34 • Live

  25. Link

    0:46 • Live

  26. Till There Was You

    Written by Meredith Willson

    2:00 • Live

  27. Link

    0:41 • Live

  28. Link

    1:03 • Live

  29. Link

    0:30 • Live

  30. Your Feet's Too Big

    Written by Fred Fisher, Ada Benson

    2:30 • Live

  31. I'm Talking About You

    Written by Chuck Berry

    2:00 • Live

  32. Link

    0:56 • Live

  33. A Taste Of Honey

    Written by Bobby Scott, Ric Marlow

    1:53 • Live

  34. Link

    1:06 • Live

  35. Matchbox

    Written by Carl Perkins

    2:44 • Live

  36. Link

    0:40 • Live

  37. Little Queenie

    Written by Chuck Berry

    4:04 • Live

  38. Goodnight

    0:21 • Live

Disc 2

  1. Preamble

    1:04 • Live

  2. The Hippy Hippy Shake

    Written by Chan Romero

    1:50 • Live

  3. Link

    0:47 • Live

  4. A Taste Of Honey

    Written by Bobby Scott, Ric Marlow

    1:51 • Live

  5. Link

    0:13 • Live

  6. Ask Me Why

    Written by Lennon - McCartney

    2:18 • Live

  7. Twist And Shout

    Written by Phil Medley, Bert Russell

    1:33 • Live

  8. Mr. Moonlight

    Written by Roy Lee Johnson

    2:19 • Live

  9. Besame Mucho

    Written by Consuelo Velázquez

    2:45 • Live

  10. Falling In Love Again

    Written by Lennon - McCartney

    2:13 • Live

  11. I'm Talking About You

    Written by Chuck Berry

    2:01 • Live

  12. Roll Over Beethoven

    Written by Chuck Berry

    3:35 • Live

  13. Hully Gully

    1:37 • Live

  14. Ramshackle Shake

    2:13 • Live

  15. Lovesick Blues

    2:48 • Live

  16. First Taste Of Love

    2:12 • Live

  17. Dizzy Miss Lizzy

    Written by Larry Williams

    3:09 • Live

  18. Do You Believe

    2:08 • Live

  19. Ooh Poo Pah Doo

    2:51 • Live

  20. Twist And Shout

    Written by Phil Medley, Bert Russell

    2:45 • Live

  21. Cannonball

    2:17 • Live

From The stereo Star Club – The Daily Beatle (webgrafikk.com), April 27, 2015:

The same people who recently released the ultimate BBC upgrade collection now have made available a mock stereo version of The Beatles Live at The Star Club in Hamburg, Germany, 1962. The digital stereo processing allows you to discern each instrument better than previous mono releases of the material. The new release is a 2CD + 1DVD package with the title “The Beatles: Zu Laut! Live at the Star Club Hamburg”.

The DVD contains a load of 1966 interviews with Peter Eckhorn, Manfred Weissleder, Hans Walther Braun (who plays part of his tape) and Bettina the barmaid from the Star Club. For the first time, these interviews have been translated and are presented with selectable subtitles on the disc. It also has an an 80 minute slideshow with about 200 photos covering their time in Hamburg from 1960 to 1962, set to the soundtrack of the CDs, plus an onscreen transcript of what is being sung and spoken. The transcript shows up on screen by default but you can disable it if you just want to watch the pictures. Other material on the dvd includes: archival footage of the Reeperbahn and Grosse Freiheit, a guided tour of the Grosse Freiheit with Tony Sheridan, the 1972 Nationwide feature on the Star Club Tapes, a five minute sequence shot inside the Star Club for the tv series Hafenpolizei in 1962, footage shot inside the Top Ten and Star Club in 1966, Bruno Koschmider’s films of the Bambi, Indra and Kaiserkeller; and colour footage of the Reeperbahn and Grosse Freiheit from 1959.

The CD/DVD package has been provided free of charge from the same community of Beatles fans and collectors that gave us the BBC collection. No doubt it will soon be ripped off by bootleggers. Since the Star Club recordings were made in the out-of-copyright-in-EU year of 1962, it may even be released legally in Europe.

From The Beatles: Zu Laut ! (jpgr.co.uk):

In an essential article about the tapes in Record Collector, spread over two issues in the summer of 2015, the most intense examination and research was made and identified.
Finally after 53 years, Hans Olof Gottfridsson together with Richard Moore had been allowed to use the notes of Larry Grossberg, producer and director of the initial Lingasong 1977 releases, and were able to present the complete running order of the original tape.
Record Collector – Star Club Recordings The Reel Story – Part 1
Record Collector – Star Club Recordings The Reel Story – Part 2

The new information in Record Collector about the correct running order of the songs in the Star Club sets have inspired Beatlefans to compile a revised album.

The makers of “Zu Laut !” have risen to the occasion and presented two new editions of the album, one in mono and one in stereo.

In the inner page of the CD booklet, they have also included information about the missing songs, as described in Grossberg’s notes and Gottfridsson’s article. After the publication of the article, further listening has revealed that the four notes at the start of “I Remember You” on the Lingasong set actually turns out to be the start of “Glad All Over” !

This now constitutes the first ever Star Club Beatles compilation, unofficial or official, that presents the tracks (at least within each section/set) in their correct running order. Some of the songs that were tape damaged or had missing notes have had these reconstructed, however the originals are also included for historical accuracy.

Paul McCartney writing

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