Shine A Light

Written by Paul McCartneyUnreleased song

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Song facts


Last updated on November 30, 2016


In Mexico, everybody shine a light
In Mexico, everybody shine a light
In Mexico, everybody shine a light


Up and Coming Tracks - Live 2009-10

Unofficial live • Released in 2010

Searching for Him Everywhere 2001-2014

Unofficial live • Released in 2015

Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.


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Marco Moran 2 years ago

Mexico and The Beatles

I was introduced in early 70's to The Beatles music mainly by my mother (may she rest in peace), I was 6 year old and had in my hand the Mexican version of A Hard Days Night. After listened about the Beatles on TV and radio, something happened and felt that music had something special and different, I still remember the moment when I asked my mother to underline on the LP cover the songs she liked to record them in a cassette to play it in a tape recorder. Those were deep magic moments for me. I talked to my mother to tell me the history of that group, As a child I noticed in their words that they were from a very far part of the world and difficult to see again together as a group or impossible to pay a trip to be present in a solo concert. We used to have lunch and dinner with Beatles and Wings music, I got the feeling that The Beatles were only in records and TV for Mexico.

So, we just followed the music by TV, movies and records. In 1993 a big notice hit Mexico, I can not explain the nervous felling of not getting three tickets (My mother, my brother and myself) or not being present at the first Mexican Beatles experience for 30 years. We where there, it was just unforgettable, it started with a memorable: Hola Mexico!!! The rest of the concert is still in my memories. I felt so happy that Paul was here and pronouncing Mexico (not Messico) correctly that I can not forget that moment.

In the second visit to Mexico in 2002, it was more unforgettable the: Hola mi querido Mexico!!! as he was trying to tell to us that he is now part and love this country. But we wanted to tell him he has been part of this country since 1963.

In the Up and Coming tour my soon, my wife, and myself were there to listen the funny: Hola Mexico, Hola chilangos!!!. I have not words to express again the nervous feeling of not getting tickets or something that could not allow us being present at the concert (we lived in Ciudad Juarez, 25 hrs driving to Mexico city). We were far in section NA-09B but lighted until get a blister on the thumb during Let' em in. As a thankful the Mexicans received a Beatle song called "Everybody shine the light in Mexico". Now we could tell to the world that we were present when a Beatle song was released during our concert. Thank you very much Paul for that Mexican moment. Now Mexico has a Beatle song.

Thanks to Paul, John, George and Ringo for their music, their magic. their help to improve with your music difficult moments in my life.

As you noticed I can write in English, and want also thank Paul, John, George and Ringo to introduce me to this language.

The best of my admiration to Paul (like a husband, hard working person, leader, musician, father.)

Attached a picture of my 11 years soon in the Up and Coming Tour concert .


Marco A. Moran

The PaulMcCartney Project 2 years ago

Hi Marco, thanks very much for this testimonial. We can't underestimate the power of The Beatles' and Paul McCartney's music !

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