Show Me The Way

Album This song officially appears on the Give More Love Official album.
Timeline This song has been officially released in 2017

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Song facts

Show Me The Way” is a track written by Ringo Starr and Steve Lukather, and released on Ringo Starr’s 2017 album “Give More Love“. It features Paul McCartney on bass.

“Show Me the Way” is for Barbara. She shows me the way. We’ve been together 37 years, You have ups-and-downs. I’ll cry. She’ll cry. We’ll cry — there are those days. But there’s so much love and so much support. We’re still getting to know each other and loving it. Steve Lukather co-wrote this one with me. I really wanted Paul to play bass on this track, because it’s an important track to me because of the expression to Barbara, and Paul said “Yes.” For me, he’s still the most melodic, incredible bass player. Paul plays every note great. And, yes, we have some history and chemistry. That also comes into play. I’d love someone with a big, great voice like Celine Dion to sing this song, because I love it and it’s important to me. But, until then, I’ll have to do.

Ringo Starr – From ‘Give More Love’: A Track-by-Track Preview of Ringo’s New Album | SOMETHING NEW (, August 22, 2017

How did Paul wind up taking part in sessions for the new album?

Well, I just called him up and said, “I got this song called ‘Show Me the Way,’ and I want you to play on it.” Because he is a really good friend of mine, he said he’d come to L.A. for it. It’s about [my wife] Barbara. She shows me the way. I wanted it to be very personal. While he was there, he also played on “We’re on the Road Again.” That was very kind of him.

Ringo Starr, interview for RollingStone, August 10, 2017

They talk when they’re both in L.A. Ringo just asked him, ‘Look, I’m doing an album. Could you play on it?’ And Paul was so nice. He came by on his day off on a Sunday. And he worked hard, too. Those weren’t easy songs he played on. […] the bass on the ballad ‘Show Me the Way’ … that’s a difficult ballad. So he had to work on that a bit. We definitely put him through his paces. But the guy’s the greatest. (He’s) humble. He came in to help his friend on a Sunday when he had his day off. What else can you say? […] I think (Paul) was initially a little taken back by what Lukather wrote. It’s a little more sophisticated than some of the stuff Ringo’s done in the past. I think Paul was looking at and listening to it. He doesn’t read charts. He has his own notation. […] I’ve brought that up to Ringo. ‘I can’t believe Paul doesn’t read charts.’ He goes, ‘We’re all buskers.’ They just played, just played by ear.

Bruce Sugar, recording engineer – interview for Billboard, August 1, 2017

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After all this time we've had to share
The better life I’ve had 'cos your still there
I need to show you just how much I care

There were times, wasn't always easy
But we got through, nice to know
I’m back to face another day with you

There was joy sung for you
We've held hands for all these many years
We've hung around and wiped each other's tears
Once again, I'm glad to have you by my side
Our love, it never ends
I'm blessed to spend another day with you

As I look up to the sky
The sun begins to fade
I asked in all the questions, how and why
I turn to see your face
The years have all gone by
Your always there to show me the way

Everything must change
From bad to good we cast away these chains
If I had to do it all again
With you by my side
Darkness always turns into the light

As I look up to the sky
The sun begins to fade
I asked in all the questions, how and why
As I turn to see your face
The years have all flown by
Your always there to show me the way

As I look up to the sky
And the sun begins to fade
I asked in all the questions, how and why
I turn to see your face
The years have all flown by
Your always there to show me the way


A Album version

Officially appears on

Give More Love

Official album • Released in 2017

4:42 • Studio versionA

Paul McCartney :
Ringo Starr :
Drums, Percussion, Producer, Vocals
Steve Lukather :
Guitar, Keyboards
Amy Keys :
Backing vocals
Richard Page :
Backing vocals
Timothy B. Schmit :
Backing vocals
Jim Cox :

Session Recording:
Feb 19, 2017
Studio :
Ringo Starr's home studio, Los Angeles, USA


Album • Give More Love

Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.


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