We're On The Road Again

Album This song officially appears on the Give More Love Official album.
Timeline This song has been officially released in 2017

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Song facts

We’re On The Road Again” is a track written by Ringo Starr and Steve Lukather, and released on Ringo Starr’s 2017 album “Give More Love“. It features Paul McCartney on bass and backing vocals.

Steve Lukather is Mr. Vitality when he’s rocking, and that’s how we got this rocker going. Luke and I were hanging out, and we had a bit of a rhythm pattern going and started to put a track down. We got a bit crazed in the beginning thinking that there’s already Willie Nelson — who we love — singing his “On the Road Again.” But we realized Willie doesn’t own that line, and our road trip is a lot more rocking. Yes, that is Paul McCartney on bass and on screams, too. I didn’t ask Paul or others on this song to scream — they just did it; like Paul, Edgar Winter and Joe Walsh at the end. They all went off and rocked. Real rock & roll and screams just seem to go together.

Ringo Starr – From ‘Give More Love’: A Track-by-Track Preview of Ringo’s New Album | SOMETHING NEW (wordpress.com), August 22, 2017

How did Paul wind up taking part in sessions for the new album?

Well, I just called him up and said, “I got this song called ‘Show Me the Way,’ and I want you to play on it.” Because he is a really good friend of mine, he said he’d come to L.A. for it. It’s about [my wife] Barbara. She shows me the way. I wanted it to be very personal. While he was there, he also played on “We’re on the Road Again.” That was very kind of him.

Ringo Starr, interview for RollingStone, August 10, 2017

I think (Paul) was initially a little taken back by what Lukather wrote. It’s a little more sophisticated than some of the stuff Ringo’s done in the past. I think Paul was looking at and listening to it. He doesn’t read charts. He has his own notation. […] I’ve brought that up to Ringo. ‘I can’t believe Paul doesn’t read charts.’ He goes, ‘We’re all buskers.’ They just played, just played by ear.

Bruce Sugar, recording engineer – interview for Billboard, August 1, 2017

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(One, two)
Got up this morning and packed my bags
Headed for the studio to finish this track
A lot going on and a lot to do
We gotta get it done 'cause we ain't coming back

We still got a lot of playing to do
Playing guitars are no troubles for you
We play really tight, we play really loud
We're gonna kick ass in front of the crowd

We're gonna play some rock and roll, that's true
Now we're heading down the highway to play it for you
We're on the road again
We're on the road again

We're traveling fast thru' the sky tonight
In 24 hours gonna make it right
A passenger's time seems to go to slow
We're telling stories and having a laugh
Singing my songs all around
Nothing's gonna matter when we roll up to play the show
As I open my eyes and wish you good day
I count the hours until we get to play

We're on the road again
We're on the road again
We're on the road again

We're gonna play some rock and roll, that's true
Now we're heading down the highway to play it for you

We're on the road again
We're on the road again
We're on the road again
We're on the road again
We're on the road, on the road
On the road again


A Album version

Officially appears on

Give More Love

Official album • Released in 2017

4:24 • Studio versionA

Paul McCartney :
Backing vocals, Bass
Ringo Starr :
Drums, Mixing engineer, Percussion, Producer, Vocals
Bruce Sugar :
Mixing engineer, Recording engineer
Gary Nicholson :
Backing vocals
Steve Lukather :
Backing vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Joe Walsh :
Backing vocals
Jim Cox :
Edgar Winter :
Backing vocals
Georgia Middleman :
Backing vocals
Gary Burr :
Backing vocals
Richard Marx :
Backing vocals

Session Recording:
Feb 19, 2017
Studio :
Ringo Starr's home studio, Los Angeles, USA


Album • Give More Love

Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.


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