Johnny Gentle tour

From May 20, 1960 to May 28, 1960 • By The Beatles
First date:
May 20, 1960
Last date:
May 28, 1960
Number of concerts:
Number of countries:

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The Scotland tour was an important period for solidifying the band and getting our relationships strong with each other. It gave us the reality of what it could be like and I suppose it prepared us for what was to come. We loved it and it was an invaluable experience for us.” – Paul McCartney, 1996

The year of my GCE’s we were touring in Scotland with Johnny Gentle, which was one of the first big things we were offered. I had to miss my Geography exam, but I just thought ‘Sorry! We thought it was such a big opportunity as it turned out, it wasn’t – doing lots of dates with this guy, and if Johnny Gentle suddenly got famous, so did we. I got some ‘0’ levels; I think I got one the first year, then maybe a couple more the next…

Paul McCartney – interview with Jamming!, March 1983

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