Spring 1963 Tommy Roe / Chris Montez Tour

From Mar 09, 1963 to Mar 31, 1963 • By The Beatles
First date:
Mar 09, 1963
Last date:
Mar 31, 1963
Number of concerts:
Number of countries:

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The Beatles with Chris Montez and Tommy Roe

Last updated on March 13, 2023


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Tony Bone 6 years ago

First concert I ever attended and still have the original ticket.

The PaulMcCartney Project 6 years ago

Hi Tony, that is awesome - I would be delighted if you would be keen to send a picture of the original ticket ! All the best.

Tony King 3 years ago

I can remember seeing the billboard at the Granada Cinema in Harrow for this tour, it is not on this list am I wrong or has this been missed off the list?

Roger Byron-Collins 1 year ago

As an 17 year old student studying to be a Surveyor at the South West Technical College at Walthamstow one of my fellow students had a pair of tickets to see Tommy Roe, Chris Montez and the Beatles on the 9th March 1963 at the Granada Cinema at nearby East Ham. When l phoned Kaye my girlfriend she was ecstatic and we both attended a great concert that evening That concert stayed in my heart and soul being a great fan of all three, Moving on to December1988 whilst flying on Concorde from London to Barbados my then Norwegian wife Sylvi and L were sat directly across the gangway to Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach, and engaged in conversation the entire flight as they, like ourselves were going on to Mustique. We were going to stay with our friend Basil Charles the owner of Basils Bar Mustique as we had booked the bar on the 6th and 7th January 1989 for an overnight celebration of my wife's 40th birthday party attended also by Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. Mick and l shared a mutual ltalian architect Mario Spinella who designed my villa on nearby St Vincent as well as Micks. Also attending was our good friend Sir Frederick (Freddy) Ballantyne the Governor General of SVG

The PaulMcCartney Project 1 year ago

WOW, what amazing stories, thanks for sharing those, Roger !

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