Franco Zeffirelli asks Paul McCartney to play in Romeo and Juliet


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Paul McCartney has said he was considered by Franco Zeffirelli for the role of Romeo. Although Zeffirelli does not mention it in his autobiography, McCartney provided details on this account (including meeting with Olivia Hussey and exchanging telegrams with her) in his co-written autobiography.[5] In April 2020, McCartney referred to his discussions with Zeffirelli on The Howard Stern Show.

“Paul Du Noyer Conversations with McCartney, chapter 13

“…[In 1967] Franco Zeffirelli [the distinguished Italian film director] came over to London and offered me the lead in Romeo and Juliet. I said, ‘I can’t do it, man, you’re kidding. I’m just a musician.’ The one with Olivia Hussey. Leonard Whiting played it. He said, ‘No, I really know you could do this. You look absolutely how I see Romeo. It would be perfect. Come to Rome and we make a film, it will be beautiful.’ I bottled out.

I took her out, Olivia Hussey – this was before I met Linda – took her out to a nightclub. I quite fancied her, she was gorgeous with long dark hair. I sent her a telegram, ‘You’re a beautiful Juliet.’ She sent one back: ‘You’d make a great Romeo.’ It was all very… [romantic swoon]. You’d vomit now, I suppose. My kids wouldn’t believe it: ‘Oh Dad! You didn’t do that, did you?'”

From Facebook – July 1968 – Director Franco Zeffirelli discussing Apple financing for “Romeo and Juliet” in the reception room at Abbey Road with John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Last updated on November 8, 2023

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