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Interview of Paul McCartney
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The Howard Stern Show is a radio show hosted by American radio personality Howard Stern that gained wide recognition when it was nationally syndicated on terrestrial radio from WXRK in New York City, between 1986 and 2005. The show has aired on Howard 100 and Howard 101, Stern’s two uncensored channels on the subscription-based satellite radio service SiriusXM, since 2006. Other prominent staff members include co-host and news anchor Robin Quivers, writer Fred Norris and executive producer Gary Dell’Abate, along with former members Jackie Martling, Billy West, John Melendez, and Artie Lange.

Stern began his radio career in the mid-1970s and developed his show through morning positions at 107.1 WRNW in Briarcliff Manor, New York, 106.9 WCCC-FM in Hartford, Connecticut, and 106.7 WWWW in Detroit. In 1981, he began at 101.1 WWDC-FM in Washington, D.C. where he was first paired with Quivers and became a ratings success. That was followed by three years at AM 660 WNBC in New York City. After his abrupt firing, Stern moved to WXRK where he remained for 20 years until December 2005. During this time, The Howard Stern Show was syndicated to 60 radio markets and gained an audience of 20 million listeners at its peak. In the New York area, it was the highest-rated morning radio program from 1994 to 2001. The show is also the most fined, after a total of $2.5 million in fines were issued by the Federal Communications Commission for what it deemed indecent material. In 2004, Stern signed a five-year contract with Sirius worth a reported $500 million.

In addition to radio broadcast, The Howard Stern Show has been filmed since 1994 and broadcast on various networks, including the E! and CBS television channels. It moved to HowardTV, Stern’s own on-demand digital cable channel from 2005 to 2013. In 2018, SiriusXM launched the Howard 360 app for subscribers to watch video clips of the show.

I really hope that this will mean the Chinese government says, ‘Ok guys, we have really got to get super hygienic around here. Let’s face it, it is a little bit medieval eating bats. They don’t need all the people dying. And what’s it for? All these medieval practices. They just need to clean up their act. This may lead to it. If this doesn’t, I don’t know what will. […] A lot of people are pulling together and it is a great thing. It is inspiring.

The only bad thing about it is that Nancy is in New York, so we got an enforced separation which is pretty rough, you know. (…) We were on a vacation actually when the lockdown started and Nancy had to go to New York, for family reasons and I had to get back to England. (…) I’m in lockdown in the country with my daughter Mary and her kids. So that makes it better.

It’s just so crazy, I mean, we’ve seen so various forms of crises before, but nothing has affected like everyone in the world at the same time. It’s pretty crazy, I must say, it’s scary. The thing for me is, I’m from a generation that has come out of World War II, my mum and dad were in World War II, and the spirit that they showed, this kind of ‘we get on with it, we’ll do what necessary, we’ll all pull together’ (…), that spirit, is kind of what they needed and that is what we need now. And it is around, that is what we’re seeing now. People pulling together in a way, it’s a great thing. (…) It’s good to see that, it’s inspiring.

What’s disappointing for me is that all the people who brought tickets and were looking forward to this and thinking ‘this is something groovy to do in the Summer’, and suddenly the plug is pulled and we can’t get around to play for them.

About Rolling Stones:

You know you’re going to persuade me to agree with that one

They are rooted in the blues. When they are writing stuff, it has to do with the blues. We had a little more influences. … There’s a lot of differences, and I love the Stones, but I’m with you. The Beatles were better.

We started to notice that whatever we did, the Stones sort of did it shortly thereafter,

We went to America and we had huge success. Then the Stones went to America. We did Sgt. Pepper, the Stones did a psychedelic album. There’s a lot of that. We were great friends, still are kind of. We admire each other. … The Stones are a fantastic group. I go see them every time they’re out. They’re a great, great band.

About Billie Eilish:

Stella FaceTimed me with Billie and her family because she wore some of Stella’s clothes on Glastonbury when she played it, so they were there. It was great to sort of chat with them and stuff,

For them, it’s brilliant. And what they produce from the bedroom is really very special.

The memories of going into EMI studios and to Abbey Road and the thrill of being some kid who’d been in his bedroom long enough, thank you very much, and getting out to this beautiful studio and being on almost kind of office hours — two songs in the morning, lunch, two songs in the afternoon, good night. Four songs a day we were banging them out, it was so exciting… I wouldn’t swap that for anything.

[Jackson] has gotten ahold of about 54 hours of film footage,

I’ll tell you, Howard, it’s great. I’m not bullshitting. You see this kind of thing, this relationship between me and John and me and George. You’ll get it.

When John broke up The Beatles – as you pointed out, he did it – why didn’t you say to yourself, ‘You know what? I’ll keep The Beatles going, and I’ll do it with George and Ringo.’ I think, in a way, maybe you even underestimated how great George Harrison was, as a songwriter. Yes, he had contributed songs but you and John wrote the majority of this stuff, but think about it: it would have been a combination of your solo material from that first album, it could have been his ‘All Things Must Pass’ material, and The Beatles would have been mind-blowingly great!

“Yeah, I hear what you’re saying but the thing is, Howard, that’s like a family. When families break up, it’s to do with the emotion and the emotional pain, you know?

“And you can’t just think of a smart idea like that at the time. You’re hurting too much and so it wasn’t going to happen, you know?

“We’ve been through too much and I think we were just fed up with the whole thing. But I hear your point.”

Do you think you underestimated George Harrison as a songwriter? Honestly…

“Yeah, I know, I take your point there, I think it was easy to underestimate George because me and John like you said had always written most of the stuff and it had most of the singles.

“And George was a late bloomer as far as writing is concerned. He wasn’t that interested in the beginning, but then he started to get interested and boy did he bloom, you know?

“He wrote some of the greatest songs ever… ‘Here Comes the Sun,’ how appropriate is that for now?”

“It is fantastic for us ’cause when so much time goes by, you do get to reflect on some of the great things in your life and, to me, the other guys in The Beatles are three of the great things in my life. There is no denying it.

“So when I get a chance now to play with Ringo, it’s magical. I’m normally facing the audience all the time and he’s behind me.

“But, on the last occasion we played together, at Dodger’s [Stadium], and half the time, the moment I finished the vocals I just wanted to turn around and look at him and drink it all it and just go, ‘This is Ringo, man! This is my brother, I love this guy!’

“And I’ll tell you what – we listened to the tapes afterwards, and when he comes in on the drums, boy, it makes a huge difference. It’s just, it’s Ringo.”

Paul McCartney is calling me right now, yes the real PaulMcCartney, it’s not a joke, it’s not somebody pretending to be Paul McCartney. It’s actually Paul McCartney

right PaulHoward do you hear Paul yeah I thinkHoward’s having another problem we’vebeen having some technical issues todayPaul Howard but he has he spent allthinking of questions to ask youam i back on now you’re back I am sosorry you know I was saying this morningit is such an important thing for me tointerview you whenever you give me timeI feel this sense of urgency because Isaid if I was alive during the time ofBeethoven of talking to you because Ifeel I’ve got to get every bit ofinformation out of youit would be irresponsible not to andthat’s my first question are you gettinglaid I’m okay what about you what isPaul McCartney we’re first of all whyare you where are you in England is thata good thing a bad thing duringwhat we can do but I’m lucky in onerespect is that I’m locked down in thecountry with my daughter and our familymarry my daughter marry and kids so thatmakes it betteryou know Paul it well that answers myquestion number one you’re not gettinglaid so then we know that Nancy is inNew York but how does that happen inother words when the quarantine wentwhen it became obvious that we needed toquarantine ourselves don’t you think hewould have either flown to see Nancyover – you guys are separated right canyou believe what’s going on did you everthink in your lifetime you’d seesomething like this I said it’s likeliving in an alternate like everyone inthe world at the same time it it’spretty crazy almost scary but I mean thething things for me is I’m from thegeneration that justworld war two you know my mom and dadwere in World War two I’m the spiritthat they showed you know this kind ofwill get on me they will do whatever isnecessary we’ll all pull together andwe’ll start try and stay happy and youknow we’ll thankful all the people lookafter us and people who fight for us etcthat’s spirit it’s kind of what theyneeded and it’s what we need now and itis around you know that’s that’s whatwe’re seeing now that a lot of peopleare pulling together and in a way it’s agreat thing because if we don’t we’refinished you know but it is good to seethat it’s it’s inspiring yeah I’mreading a book now this book unbroken Ijust finished it up there but mostpeople have read it but it’s about worldwar two and these guys who are justincredibly rugged they’re they’re theyband together they’re at least in theUnited States or during World War twoeverybody was just they thought it wasone they knew what the enemy was andeverybody sacrificed I don’t know youthink we’re gonna see this are you gonnaso are we gonna see like wild in thestreets like a civil unrest you know weare kind of seeing it at the momentin Britain I know you mean because whenit first started I thought oh god herewe go you know people are just going togo crazy you’re going to loot in all thebad folks around just you know gonnatake this as an opportunity but I thinkfrom what I can see is happening theother way people are realizing that youknow there’s so much good in humanityand I think you know thank God it seemsto be showing itselfI don’t know about America by thing solike I said she’s out there bangingplans and you know doing their best tostay safe and look after each other andstuff there is a lot of lot of goodspirit and I’m seeing it here in Englandit’s very much like that spirit thateveryone had after World War two youknow that I was a little kid I witnessedit growing up you know I mean by the wayyou know when you talk about peoplebanging pots I don’t know if everyonearound the country realizes that peoplein New York certain points in the daythey just start banging pots out theirwindow to make a connection witheveryone else and it’s turned into itthey on Manhattanthat’s where Nancy Paul’s wife is youknow by the way you know I got thatemail from your wife herI guess ex-brother-in-law’s somethingwrote a paper a piece oh yeah on the wetmarkets in China and it made so muchsense Mac I actually spoke about it PaulI don’t understand the Chinesegovernment which is a communistgovernment that really can shut downanything they control they can tellpeople when to have babies they can tellthem how many babies to have but forsome reason as your wife points out theywill not close down these wet marketsthat got us into this trouble in thefirst place it’s mind-boggling rightmarkets it seems like you know SARS andavian flu and so I don’t know I reallyhope that this will mean that theChinese government power is I likepowerless you know let’s hope that theywill say okay guys we really gotta getsuper high genic around hereyou know and all those kind of things Imean let’s face it come on it’s a littlebit medieval eating but he was theoriginator of all that well I mean it isreally mind-boggling that the Chinesegovernment won’t shut that stuff downwhich is what’s getting us into all thistrouble as you say it’s not the firsttime they’ve done this but there’ssomething weird in it and I think youknow you being Paul McCartney you shouldreally just tell them just to cut thecrap and no listen because you’re youmay have something there that they maybe going to do it anywayand it may be voices like yours mine youknow they don’t need all the peopledying you know it’s like quite many evilpractices you know and I mean they justneed to clean up their actcleaning up their act and getting itright and having you know hygienicpractices in those places right I meanthis should inspire them to do somethingand I and they still haven’t shut itdown from what I understand and that’swhy I like that whole that whole articlethat you’re that your wife sent me youknow pressures mounting other people aregetting on to that bandthe wet markets movement yeah I think itmakes a lot of sense you know obviouslybecause because we’re animal people fromway backwe’re not keen on this kind of stuffanyway all right you know but when youwhen you got the obscenity of some ofthe stuff that’s going on there and whatcomes out of it these they might as wellbe you know how many problems it’saffecting the whole world it’s like likewhoever’s responsible for this is awrong with the world and itself yes it’sit just doesn’t make any sense at all sohopefully you know I understand thatproblem is going to be well people havedone it forever you know and this is theway we do thingsbut so they did slavery forever too andyou know you’ve got to change things atsome point can you imagine if this wasthe reality when you were started at thepeople I feel the worst for the otheryoung people imagine when you werestarting out when when you and the restof the guys were performing the Beatlesyou go to Germany you’d practice and allthis I was thinking of this your wholelife would have been put on hold if thisthing goes on for 18 19 months can youimagine you never could even get yourstart as a musician all the clubs wouldbe shut down there’d be no one to playmusic for it really could have it’sprobably altering our history in a waythat is so profound yeah definitely gotto do something about it and you knowhopefully people will call on theChinese particularly in this case tosort something up I meanwhat kind of things that would happen tous dude you’d have maybe a concert ortwo cancelled you know due to hurricaneor something you know we had that kindof thing when we’re like in Jacksonvillebut that was a few days that wasn’t andit only affected that region it didn’taffect the whole world so yeah you knowI mean I’ve obviously had to cancel Ihad a bunch of concerts I was going toplay the Glastonbury Festival this yearright but those have had to be postponedsomething next year is that torture foryou not being able to perform live Imean you love it you love going out Imean disappointment for me is all thepeople who bought tickets and we’relooking forward to this and think youknow Kay is something groovy to do inthe summeryou know right and then suddenly theplug is pulled and yeah we can’t goaround you know and play for them youknow sure I was uh you know I wasthinking of you the other day we weretalking about Elton John and he wasinvolved with something like where hewas gonna do some kind of performanceover the phone on one of these shows orfor charity and he said that at one ofhis homes that he lives in he doesn’thave a piano so he couldn’t perform canyou what could you imagine this guydoesn’t have a piano in his house that’sunthinkable is there a house that youown that you don’t have musicalinstruments inno I’m taught to snoop lie to me I’m youknow I’m always got a guitar with me andI got too many pianos from good how manypianos are in that place right well Iwas shocked by Elton John I mean this isa guy no I think maybe people come roundto his house is it gonethat’s what I mean maybe and maybe justsick of it you know I was watching upyou know when you Colin and I get allfired up but I’m watching on theinternet where you get you guys were outon tourand you brought Ringo up on stage fortwo songs and watching a on Ringo playtogether was just a phenomenal highlightand I started thinking like wow whatdoes that do to Ringo like does that sethim off does he come to you afterwardsand say Paul it was so good and Iwatched it it was good you guys weredoing helpers you know when when so muchtime goes by you do get to reflect onsome of the great things in your lifeyou know and to me the other guys in theBeatles the great things in my lifethere’s no denying it you know so I geta chance now to play with Ringo it’smagical you know we were doing helterskelter and I’m normally facing theaudience all the time my knees behind mebut on the last occasion we playedtogether is it Dodgers and half the timeyou know minute I’d finished a line ofvocal I said I wanted to just turnaround and just look at him and justdrink it all in and just go this is ringoveryeah this is my brother I love this guyand I’ll tell you why we listen to thetapes afterwards and when he comes in onthe drums boy it makes a huge this makesa difference you know it just is it’swrinkled Paul I loved it did he come toyou afterwards and said listen Paul thiswas so great can I go on tour with youcan I join up your band and be a part ofthis actually happen but I tell you youknow it’s great to play with him I meanmaybe I’ll join the all-stars well youwant to know something I I woke up at 2o’clock in this morning and I startedhaving this thought about an alternatereality play this out with me what if inyour life when John broke up the Beatlesas you pointed out he did it why didn’tyou say to yourself you know what I’mgonna keep the Beatles going and I’ll doit with George and Ringo and I’ll tellyou why because I think in a way maybeyou even underestimated how great GeorgeHarrison was in the sense as asongwriter yes he had contributed songsbut you and John wrote the majority thisstuff but think about it it would havebeen a combination of your solo materialfrom that first album it could have beenhis all things must pass material andthe Beatles would have been yeahmind-blowing Lee great you know whenthat’s like a family you know whenfamilies break up it’s to do with theemotion and the emotional pain you knowand you you can’t just think of a smallidea like that at the time you know hurtme too much and so it wasn’t going tohappen you know we’d we’d been throughtoo much and I think we just fed up withthe whole thing you know but Iyour point yeah thank you about so manythings well I mean do you think youunderestimated George Harrison as asongwriter honestly because you takeyour point I think it was easy tounderestimate George because me and Johnlike he said had always written most ofthe stuff and it had most of the singlesyou know and George was a late bloomeras far as writing was concerned hewasn’t that interested in the beginningbut then he started to get interestedand boy did he bloom you know heridiculous rate the songs ever I meanhere comes the Sun it you know yeah butwhen he walked in with that when youkind of shocked her but wow where didGeorge come from with this it must havebeen founded in the band at that pointhe weren’t surprised if anyone came inwith a good song you know it was likeand when George came in with us theother thing is we working you know we’renot just looking at a story of ourselveswe’ve come into the studio to work andthat song is quite complicated to somevery complicated little changes in it Ithink you know we love the song but mostof the time we’re just trying to figureit out and think oh my god like that andI remember it being mainly me trying tofigure out the bass part something youknow we do we do something in the showand that’s another incredible song doyou know and that’s why I startedfantasizingI remember I you know yeah what if and Iuh I mean for me it’s it’s beautythere’s a beauty to it because you knowI think back little things with Georgewith me and George you know because hewas my little mate in Liverpool and itwas younger than me we went to the sameschool but we used to get the same busin the morning to school so just theidea you know knowing him before therewas Beatles before he was in the Beatlesand then just the idea of kind of himand me hitchhiking around the countryyou know and the friendship rackets isvery deep you know we just we had somegreat times together and then it goes onand it becomes the Beatles you know andmaybe it was hard for you to evenrecognize George because of that I meanyou don’t miss a little kid who justkind of hung around and maybe that’s whyyou couldn’t even see missing yeah it’scrazyyou know I was talking to Jimmy Fallonthe other day on this show and I said tohim okay who do you choose you’re on adesert island you can only let one bandlive I said Beatles or the stones andwisely he thought about it and you knowquickly gave the right answer which wasBeatles because it’s the only logicalanswer about the greatest band of alltime because when you think about thestones as good as they are therewouldn’t have been the stones if therewasn’t the Beatles and also I think MickJagger and Keith Richards all dreamed ofhaving solo careers at one point andnone of them could pull it off the bodyof material the amount of hit songs theamount of album concepts the movies thestones never had help or or hard day’snight right it’s true when and I’m notI’m not asking you to be popabout this the Beatles are better thanthe Rolling Stones am i correct yes Imean but but it’s it’s true you know thestones are fantastic group every timethey come out they’re just a great greatband and make me do the singing and themoves and everything keys and now Ronnieyou know and Charlie I mean they reallyare great so that when they’re kind ofwriting stuff you know whereas we had alittle more influences I mean Keith oncesaid to me so – ed you lucky man youknow he said you had four singles inyour band he don’t want that’s right youyou would go to Stones concerts andwatch them what it was it not early onannoying to you that like let’s say whenyou come out with Sgt pepper’s and thena week later or by I don’t know when itwas but a month later the stones comeout a year and then they come out withalmost like a sergeant pepper’s coverwas that they remember the cover on thatalbum where it was a yeah it wasn’t thatannoying to you at the time that likeyou know we started to notice thatwhatever we did the stone sort of datedshortly thereafter like we went toAmerica and you know we had a hugesuccess well then the stones went toAmerica you know and we did likeSergeant Pepperstones to the sort of psychedelic albumyou know yes but we were we were greatfriends you know still all kind of thingand we admire each other so it didn’tmatter it was kind of cool it was likeyeah going on there they go come onstones yeah it was a rivalry but in mymind when I look back in on in historyit was it was a fantastic time for musicand the stones I love them but you knowwhen you really when you really compareit like you guys just doing those moviesstarted the whole rock video thing thatyou know I’m talking about helping hardyeah well you based on those successeswere you ever offered leading roles infilms in Hollywood because you weredefinitely marketable in movies not inHollywood but this Italian directorZeffirelli early and he was makingJuliet and he was hanging out in Londonand I met him somewhere and he said ohyou know I want to offer you the leadrole as Romeo I mean you know it’s likeno and it’ll be great I know you’regonna be greatso it nearly came to it you know I waskind of I kept saying no Franco you knowyou can’t do this you know I’m I’m notright for ityou know thank you for thinking I wasbut that was pretty near thing I nearlyhad the lead in not meanwhile you weresmart to turn it down and it is hard tosay no cuz it’s seductive you know it’slike oh wait a second I can be a leadingman I could branch out it’s just yeahit’s very seductive and people do thatand then they can ruin their wholecareers because it’s laughable that’snot their that’s not their thingyeah nobody but you know like you sayit’s kind of tempting on one levelbecause it’s like huge ego boost butthen you know you just got real with adisco no way you kidding mewhen you say I couldn’t have done it youknow I no matter what Franco thoughtyeah I don’t put it on it so I justpolitely declined and said you know butthanks for asking me you know thanks forthose links hey can you imagine doingthat and I mean you’re talking aboutShakespeare I mean that’s it’s not gonnabe easyyeah but you know I’m surprised you knowwhen I think about you going to RollingStones concerts and going are youhow aware are you of like music seemlike in the 80s was it was like VanHalen’s music important to you or didyou do not take an interest in anythinglike that that’s my bag you know whenyou talk about Dylan and Neil Young andall those kind of act to me that wasvery special and it got a little bit alittle bit as time went on I thought youknow that’s the funny thingI know people now because theirgeneration for me know young any day ohhe’s so brilliant did so in other wordsDavid Lee Roth leaves van Halen andSammy Hagar takes over and that’s not onyour radar you don’t say you don’t takean interest in that and go see a vanHalen concert going on and I appreciatedguitar playeryou know but I’m not a big fan but Idon’t mean not in a bad way just isn’ton my radar like you say yeah well youknow cuz I was wondering like like likeeven today I was thinking about you theI interviewed this young artist BillyIrish right and and she she along withher brotherthey made their entire album you knowtheir kids and they made their entirealbum in their bedroom with thisequipment they have no no can youimagine if you and John had thatequipment back in your day I mean youcould have sat in your bedroom arecording studio you just happy with theway things went down you know what Imean with disability and her family werethere because you were so Stella’sclothes on Glastonbury when she when sheplayed it it was you know just sort ofchat to them and stuff you know and Ithink it is really great but the truthis that for me the memories of goinginto EMI studios and to Abbey Roadunless will you know be some kid in hisbedroom long enough thank you very muchright and get out I’m going to thisbeautiful studio and being on kind ofalmost like office hours you know twosongs in the morning lunch two songs inthe afternoon good night so like threesongs a day you were banging Emmausso exciting it is exciting you don’tlearn and you know as you went along ohI wouldn’t swap out for anything youknow and I think about when you say foursongs a day like is it really true thatyou and John would go in a room and in20 minutes you’d write a song I mean Imean for the most part there was neverthis big issue of writer’s block thatyou guys could walk out I mean we didn’teven think about it nobody knew thosewords writer’s blockno nobody knew about that we didn’tmaybe some writers you know likenovelists maybe knew about it but wedidn’t it wasn’t 20 minutes it’d be morelike hang out for two or three hourswith each other but the amazing thingand I look back on it and it still blowsmy mind is to think that we wrotesomething short of 300 songs together wecame up with a song writing a songand that was like okay let’s go you knowhere I would start it with an idea andthen the other one will tumble in withthe next line and we just paint on itbetween each other and those are greatsessions you know that we normally tryand find someone in the houseto go and play it through you know andshow off did you remember did you everfeel self-conscious well did you everfeel sometimes like you like did youever feel self-conscious like when yousay to John you know you know oh yeahI’m gonna write a song about someonesaid to somebody let’s write about apaperback writer instead of a love songand would you think oh maybe that’s toostupid to put in a song there wasn’tthat self-consciousnessnow I mean you know if if you gonna thatwas going to happen it would happen liveyou know I just say something any boator he’d say something I don’t knowthat’s an old tongue no we can’t do thatso we edited each other as we just wentalong something like taken aback rightit was an idea I’d had kind of off thecampus you know and I brought it to himand I kind of brought it to him in theform of a letter but he’s like dearSarah and it’s like a letter to aneditor you know publisher so I just gaveit to him and he just read it they wereokay that’s great let’s do it couldn’tbe intimidating and say to you you knowlike I had heard the rule in the Beatleswas that if any one of the Beatles RingoGeorge included if you guys brought outa song a new song and somebody objectedthat that song was rejected for an albumin other words everyone had to say in ityeah you know and it was it was verysort of democratic that way I must sayit didn’t happen I can’t remember thathappening but the fact that any of uswould say oh I don’t like that I meansometimes you know there’ll be disputesabout I don’t know the instrumentationor Howard drum fills should go like youknow we’d say okay Ringo yeah you got todo a drum solo you say no I’m not goingto any reviews and that you know okaythat’s all no you don’t want to do itand we only got him ever doing it rightit is very end on the and the medley atthe end of Abbey Road up the only timewe did anything remotely like a drumsolo do you everdemocracy you know it wasn’t the greatthing about this like now when we’retalking about it and even for majorslooking at it it’s it’s history you knowmy kids come home from school and it’sin their books so it’s a historicalperiod now but at the time when you’redoing it must be the same for you youstarted off being a jock you know youknow sort of all we were then suddenlyyou get better at it better better andthen suddenly people noticed and in ourcase we that it’s kind of gone down inhistory you know but while we were doingit it was it was just fun you know itwas it was real life experience you knowand you never thought this is historicalthat’s why we left kind of lyrical stufflying around in the studio right andthere was this one guy who will benameless we used to pick them up and nowyou see them in sales and they’re goingfor like you know 700,000 and stuff wedon’t you think it meant anything it wasjust a bit of paper where the words runso that I could sing the bocal or so thechild could do is vocal not realizethese were going to be valuablehistorical documents is crazy you knowwe just left them in the studio Paulwhen you wrote let it be and like JohnJohn didn’t like the song he you know hesaid this is not a Beatles song it’s twoit just doesn’t sound like the Beatlesit’s got too much religion in it becauseit mentions Mother Mary even thoughthat’s not what you were really goingfor you were talking about your motheryou know but when he says that so hecould have vetoed that song and saidsorry Paul that’s not going on at thetimeyou know he bring a song in I mightdon’t love it but we do it and we’d messwith it we’d arrange it you know hebrought come together in and it was acrazy little little sort of little folksong you know so we rearranged it andmade it the record that it is Johndidn’t mind let it be I mean he neversaid to me always religious because heknew my mother was gone Mary and I toldhim I had a dream you know in this songhe didn’t mind it I mean think aboutJonah’s that he would just take the pissout of anything he wanted to so you knowit would make fun of things and you justknew that was that was I’ll tell youwhat’s really great is that PeterJackson the guy the director who didLord of the Rings and various othergreat films has got hold of the olderstuff about 54 hours of footage filmfootage that was done when we did thefilm let it be and he in a new form andI’ll tell you how it it’s great I meanI’m not posting because I’m just talkingnot about me I’m talking about the fishpoop I was in price bloody great and yousee this kind of thing you see thisrelationship like between me and Johnnyand George and you get it you get itwhen you see the film there’s like somuch information on that’s what I’vebeen reading about that when is when isthat coming out Paul because coming outright now are going to release it butyou know for me because you know I’dkind of boredthis whole idea that oh you know me andJohn rivals and didn’t like each otherand stuff but you see you know the filmand it’s like thank God it’s not trueguys we obviously having fun togetheryou can see you know we respect eachother and you know with making musictogether and it’s a joy to see it unfoldalmost now you know cuz I mean we’retrying to write things like that backyou know we’re trying to think of wordsand John’s coming up with words forGeorge’s songs and is much nicer andmore friendly than the sort of story hasbecome you know Nepal how is it fiftythree hours Paul how is it that fiftythree hours of this stuff has beensitting around and it’s now just beingdiscovered I know it’s a Beatles fan anda fan of yours yeah if I could watch allfifty three hours and just see you guysworking it would be a master class onhow to be creative it’s film let it beMichael in the augs don’t on the filmthere it is and these the outtakes butthen suddenly it was like whoa are wegonna release the film let it be againyou know and this idea came up for Peterto look at this and he’s such a cooldude and he’s got his place in NewZealand where he does a lot of Lord ofthe Rings he’s got a beautiful facilitythere and he just looked at the wholething you know he just he’s he’s a bitof a fan and he’s just a really greatguy I mean is there anything for youand and I would say well you know I methim when we played New Zealand coupleyears ago I met him he was starting onthe project and I said well you knowhow’s it looking you know think you knowit’s gonna be a bit more sort of youknow let it be in its blow you to theband break you know up it’s going to bea bit well it’s going to be a bit sadfor me he said I can’t believe you saidthat’s what I thought but the more Ilook at it Duke like friends and youlook like you having a ball you knowit’s funny I’m a little bit he sent mewe just don’t we do bathroom window shecame in through the bathroom window andI’m doing this and I’m doing like a slowversion orbit please you know thisworking out how we’re going to do it soI’m doing it really slowed it’s in thefilm I think and John’s on piano forsome unknown reason and I’m singing thisand at the end I wrote uses on the phoneto me and it kind of ends and then I sawthe start up in thishello Tuesday how are you darling allright and I start the drama and startedwell I love you know and he starts so itgets like a comedy duo with him talkingto Tuesday and feels so good I think Ithink you’ll like ityou know I understand why that’simportant to you because when I thinkback on the history of the Beatles and Ithink about you know when John attackedyou in his solo album and he goes youknow the only thing you done wasyesterday something like that was thepain war line you know basically callingyou out and saying you know Paul how doyou sleep at night because the onlything you did was yesterday which is anabsolutely it almost reminds me of Trumpit’s an absurd statement but you’reputting out a false thing and you’reyou’re trying to create a new history asif John did everything himself and Paulwe wrote yesterday you must have beenfurious you must have been like why areyou putting that out there how dare youdo that well that’s true I think it’smainly like Abdus it was mainly like ohjust come on ago oh no wait a minute heyhow about she’s leaving home EleanorRigby lady Madonna come on there’s a fewmore you know let it be but I knew iswhat I mean this absurdly knowing John Imean you love him you know crazy dudeJohn the displays dude you know but mostlovable crazy dude I’ve ever metbut he would eat just say what he felthe’d just say whatever he wanted and alot of it wasn’t true you know I pulledhim up on it later and say like you knowthat’s don’t you think oh yeahbut in this case yeah it was it waskinda hurtfulI must admit because we had broken upand it was sad but I could take you witha pinch of salt thinking that’s John andI must say I did hear later that hedidn’t write all the lyrics to that youknow there were people like Allen Kleinthrowing in a couple of lines or not onereality Wow apparently like the boxingring do you just take a few punches youknow listen up when I look at thehistory of the Beatles I always thinkwith John you know you were mean youboth lost your mothers at early ages butyou had a very loving father and motherand he didn’t have that I think a lot ofhis anger you or anyone in the world wasthat anger of not having a mother Ithink I think he was yelling at you butit really wasn’t you it was his motheryeah and you know later I would havethose kind of talks with John anybodywould say that himselfhe would say walkers and also his dadleft home when he was three right andthen you know his mom got killed lateron so yeah he’d write it was finesainted some of the other day I grew uplike you saying a very loving family Iwas very lucky and everything was cooluntil my mom died when I was 14 you knowand then everything wasn’t cool butuntil that point I thought everyone’sfamilies are loving my parents andbrothers sisters uncles auntsI thought everyone you know and then youspeak to some papers a card my motherwas the worst person on earth and youknow people’s stories can be horrendousI was very lucky and and John wasn’t onthat front but he was a beautiful guyreally seriously beautiful guy and thatfunny yeah we’ll see it in the movieright I mean we’ll see it in those 54hours you know we all know he’s acharacter but not many people know thatthese sort of warm loving side to himyou know oh you gotta go I hatewhen you have to go but very importantwhat is it you need oh right you’ve gotto do chores turn the butter I’ll justleave you with this thought I’m layingin bed last night I had this had I won’teven ask you the question I had aboutthat well there was a song I wasthinking about then I was also thinkingabout our Majesty is a very nice girlbut she doesn’t have a lot to sayMajesty xenon that thing it’s like wherethe hellthat come from but we’ll save it foranother conversation because and I wantto ask you dev in our next conversationon I have a lot to ask you but I want tothank you for calling in you know I loveyou for doing this I hope you’re safeand sound you’re a treasure and I don’twant any coronavirus getting near youI’m gonna tell the coronavirus myselfstay away from Paul we need them and youknow got so many friends in the Statesunlike you you know I hope everyone iscoping and staying safe and in thesedark days because the clouds willremember close the wet markets that’sthe one Paul you’re the best I love youyou don’t know what it does for peopleto hear your voice and just to know thatyou’re well and this is a greatdistraction during these horrible timesI can’t thank you enough I’m not goingto bother you I’m gonna I’m not gonnatry and call you and say thank you I’mnot gonna send you a note because you’renot going to touch a note but just knowI appreciate this from the bottom of myheart thank you to the show she’s a bigfan of the showso hey Mike can you and that you knowwhat I knew I was supposed to talk ahalf-hour but I just kept going hoping Iknow you were barreling through thisreally good I thought it made my fantasyhad Keats going he’s having such a goodtime that he’s like hey this I’mstaying on but he gave me way more timethan idea was having a game to takeschedules yeah

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