Interview for SiriusXM • Friday, December 16, 2022

The Paul McCartney 'Tug of War' Track-by-Track Album Special

Radio interview • Interview of Paul McCartney
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Tom Frangione
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From Bill King on Twitter, December 2, 2022:

The Beatles Channel on SiriusXM has announced “The Paul McCartney ‘Tug of War’ Track-by-Track Album Special,” featuring Beatlefan Associate Editor Tom Frangione interviewing Sir Paul. It debuts Dec. 16 at 11 a.m. and 9 p.m., then repeats Dec. 17, Dec. 18, Dec. 21 and Dec. 22.

From Bill King on Twitter, December 2, 2022

From Go Track-By-Track with Paul McCartney Through ‘Tug Of War’ | SiriusXM:

In a new special, Paul McCartney takes listeners on a journey through every song on his classic album Tug Of War!

Hear the stories behind the songs as Paul looks back on one of his most beloved solo albums in an exclusive interview with SiriusXM host Tom Frangione, only on The Beatles Channel (Ch. 18) and the SXM App.

Paul McCartney: Tug Of War, Track-By-Track Album Special Broadcast Schedule (all times ET):

December 16 at 11am (premiere)

December 16 at 9pm

December 17 at 3pm

December 18 at 11am

December 21 at 12am

December 22 at 1pm

Paul McCartney: It was difficult for everyone in the world, ’cause he was such a loved character, and such a crazy guy. He was so special. […] It had hit me, so much so that I couldn’t really talk about it. […] I remember getting home from the studio on the day that we’d heard the news he died, and turning the TV on, and seeing people say, ‘Well, John Lennon was this,’ and, ‘What he was was this,’ and, ‘I remember meeting him then.’ It was like, ‘I don’t know, I can’t be one of those people. I can’t just go on TV and say what John meant to me.’ It was just too deep. It [was] just too much. I couldn’t put it into words. […]

I was in a building that would become my recording studio, and there were just a couple of little empty rooms upstairs. So, I found a room and just sat on the wooden floor in a corner with my guitar, and just started to play the opening chords to ‘Here Today’.

McCartney then explained one of the lyrics which reference “the night we cried“, explaining that it had to do with a time the pair were in Key West, in Florida.

For some reason, I think it was like a hurricane, something had been delayed, and we couldn’t play for a couple of days. So, we holed up in a little motel. So, what would we do? Well, we’d have a drink, and we would get drunk. We didn’t have a play, so we did. That night, we got drunk and started to get kind of emotional. It all came out. But on the way to that, there was a lot of soul-searching. We told each other a few truths. ‘Well, I love you. I love you man.’ ‘Oh, I love that you said that. I love it.’ And we opened up. So, that was kind of special to me. I think that was really one of the only times that ever happened.

This interview won the Bronze Award for the Best Music Special at the Radio Awards 2023.

The audio highlight of The Beatles Channel “Paul McCartney Tug Of War Track-By-Track Album Special” won BRONZE in the “Best Music Special” category at the 2023 New York Festivals Radio Awards. I created the visual presentation for the uncut 1 hour interview, screened at The Fest For Beatles Fans NY Metro. Congratulations to Tom and the entire crew at SiriusXM that made this happen. It was a privilege to put the visuals together for the uncut interview. I’m extraordinarily honored.

Natalie Palumbo – From Natalie A Palumbo on Instagram: “UPDATE! The audio highlight of The Beatles Channel “Paul McCartney Tug Of War Track-By-Track Album Special” won BRONZE in the “Best Music…”

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