Paul McCartney on the cover of “Batman and Superman: World’s Finest” comic book

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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Paul McCartney was on the front page of the comic book “Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #10” published on this day. He’s drawn singing with Superman, with a mention “Wonderful Christmastime” in the background.

From GamesRadar, November 17, 2022:

Remember that redacted, mystery figure on December’s Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #10 holiday variant cover by Dan Mora we told you about in September? DC has finally revealed who the figure is, but in somewhat usual DC fashion, only sort of. It sure looks like Paul McCartney of Beatles fame, doesn’t it? And judging by the full cover, he and Superman seem to be singing McCartney’s own Christmas classic “Wonderful Christmastime,” karaoke-style. […]

As to why Paul McCartney is appearing on a DC holiday-themed variant cover, your guess is as good as ours, but this would not be the first time McCartney (or at least his likeness) appeared on a DC cover. Well, again, sort of…

Neal Adams famously drew a very Beatles-like band on the cover of 1970’s Batman #222. Written by Frank Robbins and illustrated by Irv Novick and Dick Giordano, the story actually involved a Beatles-ish British band called Oliver Twist and played off the urban legends/conspiracy theories about the real Paul McCartney dying in 1967 that were popular at the time. […]

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lukeloop 1 year ago

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I got two of them. They can join my other 100 + Beatles comics.

The PaulMcCartney Project 1 year ago

Nice collection ! Didn't know there were so much Beatles comics existing !

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