“Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane” music videos shown on Top Of The Pops

Thursday, February 16, 1967

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Strawberry Fields Forever

1967 • For The Beatles • Directed by Peter Goldmann

Penny Lane

1967 • For The Beatles • Directed by Peter Goldmann

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On this day, the promotional films for “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane” were broadcast for the first time, on BBC’s Top Of The Pops, in the UK.

I shot ‘Penny Lane’ and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ in colour, although viewers in the UK will only be able to see them black and white and I am concerned that some of the clever lighting effects will not come off in two tones.

Peter Goldmann – Director of the two promo films – From “The Beatles: Off the Record” by Keith Badman

Beatles on ‘Top of Pops’ — date set!

BEATLES are expected on BBC-TV’s “Top Of The Pops” on February 16 to promote their double single “Strawberry Fields For Ever” and “Penny Lane” which is released the next day.

Brian Epstein revealed to Disc and Music Echo that the boys spent Tuesday this week filming in the Kent countryside with Swedish TV film Peter Goldmann. Some of this film will be used for their “Top Of The Pops” appearance. Other clips may also be seen in America.

A TV spectacular featuring the group is to be based around their next album.

On Sunday, Beatles John and Paul joined Epstein in his box at London’s Saville Theatre to watch the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Who.

From Disc And Music Echo – February 4, 1967
From Disc And Music Echo – February 4, 1967


BEATLES will NOT now appear in film clip on this Saturday’s “Juke Box Jury.” The BBC has turned down Brian Epstein’ request that the film should be used full-length with the playing time of the record.

Said Billy Cotton Jnr. assistant head of Light Entertainment: “Use of the film was conditional on our playing the whole of the record and we couldn’t guarantee to do this.”

The policy of “Juke Box Jury” has always been to play only a part of each record, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to play so many.

The clips will be available for use on regional TV pop shows if required.

Both sides of the Beatles’ new single “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane” will, however, be heard on “Top Of The Pops” next Thursday – the eve of the release of the record. And the accompanying film will be seen.

Radio London claimed first airplay of “Penny Lane,” Radio City claimed first airplay of both sides of the single, BBC got special permission for advance plays… and on Monday Radio Scotland weighed in with the claim, by telegram to Disc And Music Echo:

“Radio Scotland first station to have ‘Penny Lane’ ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ by Beatles at No 1 in the chart.”

From Disc And Music Echo – February 11, 1967
From Disc And Music Echo – February 11, 1967


A film clip of THE BEATLES singing “Penny Lane” will not be shown on “Juke Box Jury” this Saturday as the BBC did not agree to show the clip in full. Clips of both titles be shown on “Top Of The Pops” next Thursday (16) but will not be shown this week.

Negotiations are currently in progress for Regional stations such as Southern TV and Granada to show the film clips.

EMI Records announce the renewal of their contract with the Beatles. The new contract for nine years has been signed by Sir Joseph Lockwood, head of EMI Records Ltd and Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

The release of the first Beatle record “Love Me Do” was in October 1962 and that sold 100,000 copies. With the Gold Discs for their several million sellers, total world sales add up to 180,000,000 (that is in converting to single units as an LP counting as 6 singles and an EP as four). The announcement of the new contract ties up with the release of their first single of 1967, on Parlophone, of “Penny Lane” and “Strawberry Fields Forever”.

From Record Mirror – February 11, 1967


THE Beatles film clips promoting their new single “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane” will be shown on Top Of The Pops on February 16 — the day before the record is released. Nems are negotiating with various regional TV companies for Beatle film clips to be shown on local TV programmes.

Says the MM Pop Panel about the new single: “‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ is a living sound. Using a multitude of instruments, speeded up, slowed down, backwards, recorded harshly, softly, building and falling, it takes on a swooping, pulsating, organic atmosphere.

“Lennon’s hard vocal underscored by this blue, strobic, fluorescent yet cold backing gells into a swooping, deep, mystical kaleidoscope of sound. The whole concept shows the Beatles in a new, far-out, light.

“Penny Lane” has an insistent beat, beautifully arranged brass riffing behind John’s humorous lead vocal. Tinged with sentimentality, the number slowly builds into an urgent, colourful and vivid recollection of the Liverpool street that the Beatles remember so clearly.

From Melody Maker – February 11, 1967
From Melody Maker – February 11, 1967

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