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Thursday, August 10, 1972

Paul & Linda McCartney & Denny Seiwell arrested for drug possession

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Following their performance at the Scandinavium Hall in Gothenburg, Sweden, the P.A. system is abruptly cut off by the police who are waiting to question Paul, Linda and Denny Seiwell about seven ounces of marijuana that customs officials had intercepted. Amidst scenes of confusion backstage, caught in pictures by the tour photographer Joe Stevens, the three, along with Paul’s secretary Rebecca Hines, are taken away for questioning at police headquarters. They are later arrested on charges of drug possession and fined the equivalent of $1,000, $200 and $600 respectively.

Badman, Keith. The Beatles Diary Volume 2: After The Break-Up 1970-2001 . Music Sales. Kindle Edition.

Ex-Beatle Paul ‘had pot sent by post’ By ALAN GORDON POT by post—that was the daily service a friend provided for Paul McCartney, police said yesterday. Every day little parcels were sent from Britain to the former Beatle and his pop group Wings as they toured Europe, it was alleged. Customs me n who opened one of the parcels marked ” Cassettes ” fou n d five ounces of cannabis inside. The secret ” pot by post” operation was ” busted “—and so were McCartney, his wife Linda and drummer Denny Seiwell. All three had to pay a total of £BOO between them yesterday a f ter they were held in a drugs swoop at a pop concert in Gothenburg, Sweden. Mr. Lennart Angelin, Gothenburg’s public prosecutor, said formal charges would be brought later. Later yesterday Paul and Linda, who have their three children with them, drove with the group to Lund, for another concert.

From Daily Mirror – Saturday 12 August 1972

If Paul and Linda in drugs Former Beatle Paul McCartney an d two members of his new pop group, Wings, were released in Gotehnberg, Sweden, early to-day after being questioned by police about a packet of drugs. Police spokesman Per Levin said the trio underwent four hours of interrogation at police headquarters, after giving a concert in the city. He said they were not formally arrested and were free to continue with their highly successful tour of Sweden. McCartney, aged 30, was detained with his A m e r i can-born wife, Linda, a vocalist with the group and American drummer Denny Siewell. Informed sources said police were unable to locate the two other members, Britons Henry McCullough and Denny Laine. A British Consulate official, a Swedish lawyer and a prosecutor attended the interrogation, which came after Customs officials reported discovering a package containing nearly half a pound of cannabis, allegedly addressed to one of the group members. The Wings group, formed by McCartney earlier this year, began its first major tour of

From Liverpool Echo – Friday 11 August 1972

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