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Wednesday, May 15, 2013
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BAFTA, London, UK

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1980 • For Paul McCartney & Wings

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From paulmccartney.com, April 9, 2013:

Eagle Rock has partnered with distributors Specticast who are releasing the film theatrically worldwide beginning on May 15th – meaning the film will be shown in more than 750 cinemas across the world!

The theatrical release features an exclusive introduction with Paul McCartney, but there will also be an exclusive VIP premiere screening of ‘Rockshow’, with Paul in attendance and introducing the film, at BAFTA on 15 May 2013.

From paulmccartney.com, May 16, 2013:

Wednesday night saw Paul attending the VIP Premiere of ‘Rockshow’ at BAFTA in London with wife Nancy. The film – originally released in 1980 in the US and 1981 in the UK – has been fully restored and is being shown in select cinemas around the world.

Thank you very much friends and family and others. There was supposed to be a film of me introducing this but that’s going out tomorrow so this is live me introducing this.

This is a film of the 1976 concert, that we did with ‘Wings in America’. I think the best thing about it for me was that we had been struggling for years with Wings, getting slagged off by the reviewers, because we decided to try and do it from the ground up instead of coming in at some high level with superstars, so we had to try and learn our craft all over again. We thought that by the time we reached 1976 and America on this tour we were pretty good. I hope you will agree.

It is lovely to see friends, I have actually seen some friends here I haven’t seen for an awfully long time, and some that I have seen for quite a long time like Humphrey.

Thank you very much for coming along and I hope you enjoy it!”

Paul McCartney – From paulmccartney.com, May 16, 2013 – “Humphrey” is Humphrey Ocean the artist who toured with Wings
From paulmccartney.com, May 16, 2013

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