Paul McCartney featured in a Taft School Holiday announcement video

Tuesday, November 1, 2022
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Hog Hill Studio, Rye, UK

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On this day, a video was published on the official Youtube account of Taft School, showing Paul McCartney in his Hog Hill Mill Studio, trying to improvise a song about Taft and ending up playing a guitar riff while shouting “SHUT IT DOWN”. The video ends with the title “Head of School Holiday”

What are you doing?

Paul McCartney: I’m trying to write a song about, uh, Taft. It’s a university in America, the kids there are really clever, they work so hard… I’m trying to write a song, but can’t find anything that rhymes with Taft… I mean Taft, I mean daft… I learned my craft… when I was in Taft… I don’t know, it just doesn’t work. I’ll tell you what, I was talking to Mr Mac…

You know Mr Mac?

Oh yeah, I know Mr Mac, Willie. Oh yeah, we all know Mr Mac and you know what he said to me? He said “SHUT IT DOWN” (playing guitar riff and shouting “Shut It Down” a few times)

From Wikipedia:

The Taft School is a private, coeducational school located in Watertown, Connecticut, United States. It teaches students in 9th through 12th grades and post-graduates.

About three-quarters of Taft’s roughly 600 students live on the school’s 226-acre (0.91 km2) campus.

The Taft School was founded in 1890 by Horace Dutton Taft, brother of President William Howard Taft. The original campus was in Pelham Manor, New York; the school moved to Watertown two years later. In its 130-year history, Taft has had only five headmasters. William R. MacMullen, a 1978 graduate of Taft, has served as Head of School from 2001 to 2022.

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