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Track list

Disc 1


All Mama's Children

2:15 • Studio version


One More Shot

2:49 • Studio version


Rockabilly Music

3:21 • Studio version


Distance Makes No Difference with Love

4:12 • Studio version


Give Me Back My Job

4:04 • Studio version


Blue Suede Shoes

4:03 • Studio version


Quarter Horse

2:24 • Studio version


Don't Stop the Music

3:13 • Studio version



2:19 • Studio version


Go Cat Go

3:00 • Studio version


Two Old Army Pals

2:50 • Studio version


Honey Don't

2:43 • Studio version


Wild Texas Wind

4:16 • Studio version



4:25 • Studio version


A Mile out of Memphis

3:05 • Studio version


My Old Friend

Written by Carl Perkins

3:21 • Studio versionA

Paul McCartney :
Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Producer, Vocals
Carl Perkins :
Guitar, Vocals
George Martin :
Producer, Strings arrangement
Geoff Emerick :
Mixing engineer, Recording engineer
Eddie Klein :
Mixing engineer
Keith Smith :
Mixing engineer
Jon Kelly :
String recording engineer
Mike Stavrou :
Recording engineer

Session Recording:
Feb 25, 1981
Studio :
AIR Studios, Montserrat

Session Overdubs:
Mid-April 1996
Studio :
Hog Hill Studio, Rye, UK


Blue Suede Shoes

2:24 • Studio version


From Dinosaur Entertainment Press Release, 1996:

To honor the fortieth anniversary of “Blue Suede Shoes“, Dinosaur Entertainment has just released a tribute album, Go Cat Go!, featuring some of the greatest names in music. Guest artists performing duets with Carl Perkins include: Bono, Johnny Cash, John Fogerty, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Willie Nelson, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Paul Simon, and Ringo Starr. In addition, the album features Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon preforming “Blue Suede Shoes”. Go Cat Go! is destined to become a Rock ‘N’ Roll classic. Some of the other musicians appearing on this record are: Eric Clapton, Clarence Clemons, Charlie Daniels, Rick Danko, Sheila E., Dr. John, Jesse Johnson, Jim Keitner, Billy Preston, Klaus Vorman, and Joe Walsh.

Paul McCartney and Carl Perkins play before a concert in Memphis in 1993. From

From Club Sandwich N°81, Spring 1997:

[…] Third, but by no means least, is a fabulous new album from our old friend Carl Perkins, a true rock and roll legend if ever there was one. Away back in 1981, as many of you will know, Paul invited Carl to the island of Montserrat, where he was recording the album Tug Of War. The duet ‘Get It’ was the immediate fruit of their collaboration, but not the only one. Club Sandwich 33 revealed the existence of a further track like this: “The night before he was due to leave, Carl decided to set down his feelings of appreciation in a little song. The result was ‘My Old Friend’, meant as a simple statement of thanks from him to Paul, which he sang to Paul the following morning. Paul really liked it and got Carl to play it again for Linda and George Martin. Although Carl felt it was just a statement, Paul persuaded him to go into the studio there and then to put it down. Carl sang and played two guitar parts, Paul played organ, rhythm guitar, drums and bass, whilst adding “backing vocals. It was cut within the hour. Paul’s interest in the song was so strong that he asked Carl if he could take it back to England to work on an arrangement. Carl feels that Paul’s treatment is a masterpiece, which heightens the feelings expressed in the song. He says that ‘My Old Friend’ means more to him than any song he’s ever written, including ‘Blue Suede Shoes’, as it’s both his personal feeling for Paul whilst managing to hit a universal note with which many people can associate.

Well, it certainly took a while, but ‘My Old Friend’ is finally available, issued on Carl’s new album Go Cat Go! in which the Tennesseean troubadour is joined by a veritable galaxy of superstars, not only Paul but also Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Paul Simon, John Fogerty, Tom Petty, Bono, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, with posthumous contributions from John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix. Released in the USA shortly before Christmas by BMG Records, Go Cat Go! is a very special album that merits the glowing reviews it has already received. And yes, ‘My Old Friend’ really is every bit as beautiful as Paul, Linda and George Martin said it was when they first heard it on Montserrat. For sure, 16 years is a long time, but it sounds no less fine for the wait.

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