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Track list

Disc 1


Japanese Tears

4:41 • Studio version


Danger Zone

3:06 • Studio version


Clock on the Wall

4:41 • Studio version


Send Me the Heart

Written by Paul McCartney, Denny Laine

3:35 • Studio version


Go Now

3:15 • Studio version


Same Mistakes

3:41 • Studio version



3:56 • Studio version


Say You Don't Mind

3:08 • Studio version


Somebody Ought to Know the Way

3:15 • Studio version


Lovers Light

3:01 • Studio version


Guess I'm Only Foolin'

2:30 • Studio version


Nothing to Go By

3:07 • Studio version


I Would Only Smile

Written by Denny Laine

3:18 • Studio version


Weep for Love

Written by Denny Laine

4:32 • Studio version


From Denny Laine, CultureSonar interview, December 24, 2018:

Q: Your Japanese Tears album expresses muscular vitality and vulnerability. Did it represent where you stood as both an artist and a musician in 1980?

A: Obviously, it was expired with Paul’s bust in Japan. We were getting the experience from the fans who didn’t get to see the tour. The upset. They weren’t angry but upset. They couldn’t get to see the band. I just wrote that as a single song and then it turned into an album. It was the start of me being in the studio of myself, start of a whole new era. It wasn’t my first album, I had Ahh… Laine. But it was me starting a new era. Again, we had to come to do the strings as overdubs. Steve Holley would play things, but I played most of the things myself… Paul and Linda weren’t on the album. Maybe they were on the songs I did with Wings. “Send Me The Heart” I recorded with Paul in Nashville. “Weep for Love” was another song. These were tracks that I can’t remember if they were on this one or another one. These were songs I had from Wings which weren’t used but I had permission to use them which is neither here nor there. But the album started off as a song from the feeling from the fans and turned into an album.

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