Chet Atkins

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From Medium – Jamming on an acoustic guitar, Paul McCartney meets “Boo Boo Stick Beat” guitar idol and record impresario Chet Atkins. The demanding bassist was in Nashville, Tennessee, for six weeks [June 6 — July 18, 1974] to rehearse and record with Wings. Shockingly, the former Beatle did not play a show in Nashville until 2010 at the Bridgestone Arena. Image Credit: Photography by Linda McCartney / MPL Communications

Did you really deliver a handwritten note from Paul and Linda McCartney to “Mister Guitar” himself, Chet Atkins, in 1979?

Yes [laughs]. I was recording in the studio with Paul and Linda one day. I told them I was going to see Chet later that night, since he was doing a concert in London. As I got ready to leave, Linda exclaimed, “Oh, let me give you a note for him!” So she grabbed the nearest thing, which was a Cornflakes box, and a black Sharpie and scribbled a note on this cardboard box. Then she and Paul signed it.

I then dutifully took it with me to his show. I was very respectful, so I didn’t actually read what was on the note. Now I couldn’t tuck it in my pocket. I mean, I held it for the whole concert. Afterwards, I went backstage and was introduced to Chet. I said, “Chet, I have a note for you from Paul and Linda McCartney” [laughs]. I handed it to him, and he chuckled.

At the time, Steve Wariner was playing bass for Chet. Steve was a huge Beatles fan. Many years later, I ran into Steve, and he said, “Do you remember that note you gave Chet?” I had forgotten all about it, and I went, “Oh my goodness.” He admitted, “I still have the note. I framed it” [laughs].

Chet, knowing that Steve was such a big Beatles fan, gave it to Steve. I thought that was very sweet. I’ll never forget having to clutch that note through the whole concert, then actually handing it to Chet.

Laurence Juber – from a 2018 interview with Jeremy Roberts
From Medium Paul McCartney leans down to chat with reclining acoustic guitarist Chet Atkins during the Wings leader’s June 6 — July 18, 1974, recording summit in Nashville, Tennessee, that yielded “Junior’s Farm” and “Sally G.” Image Credit: Photography by Linda McCartney / MPL Communications / Beatle Photo Blog

Albums, EPs & singles which Chet Atkins contributed to

Wings At The Speed Of Sound (1993)

By Wings • Official album

Contribution: Electric guitar • 1 songs

Venus And Mars - Archive Collection

By Wings • Official album

Contribution: Electric guitar • 1 songs


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