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From The Argus, October 25, 2013:

Like The Beatles, Gerry And The Pacemakers worked long hours in Hamburg clubs for years before they released records and Brian Epstein managed the band.

“The Beatles and us were on-stage rivals but off stage we were the best of mates.

“John Lennon was my best pal but we never wrote together.

“I’d say to John ‘Do you want a hand? I’ll help you’. And he’d politely say p*** off.”

Gerry and Macca still meet up today for a natter and to reminisce.

The Beatles’ Please Please Me, the fab four’s first number one, is the song Gerry most wishes he’d written.

“Brian Epstein played it to me just before it was released. He played it and after a minute I said, ‘That’s a number one, Brian.’ He said, ‘You think so?’ and I said, ‘I know so. Great melody, great lyrics, great guitar.’”

But Gerry, who says he never recorded a song he didn’t like, hasn’t always been able to spot a hit.

“You think you might have a good idea then occasionally one would shock you.

“When Paul McCartney did Mull Of Kintyre I was in Australia doing a radio show.

“They said ‘Gerry, this is Paul’s new record.

What do you think of that?’ “I said that’s crap. Absolute rubbish. It’ll do nothing. It sold 47 billion records.”

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Songs written or co-written by Gerry Marsden

Albums, EPs & Singles which Gerry Marsden contributed to

Ferry Cross The Mersey

By Various Artists • 7" Single

Contribution: Performed by • 1 songs


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