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Tuesday, October 29, 1963


Concert • By The Beatles • Part of the Autumn 1963 Sweden Tour

Last updated on April 16, 2019


  • Country: Sweden
  • City: Eskilstuna
  • Location: Sporthallen


  • Location: Sporthallen


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From The Beatles Virtual Museum:

By this time the media in Sweden (Radio, TV & the papers) had really made clear that The Beatles was really something. When they started the tour (6 days ago) another artist always stood as the main attraction. The Beatles were just one of the groups to fill out the show. By the time of this concert there were no question about who were the main attraction: THE BEATLES!!!

2000 people saw The Beatles at this concert. The hall wasn’t crowded. The Beatles had humour and charmed the most of the audience. Four young lads in tight trousers, short tight jackets, shoes with high heels and a hair that probably haven’t seen a pair of scissors for a couple of years!

The guy at the drums, Ringo Starr, 23, who are supposed to like small, well-shaped blondes, was very funny under the concert. He did hit the drums with his small drumsticks so hard that the ceiling was ready to lift off. Upon that he conducted himself whit the tongue.

In the paper the day after the concert you could read things like: “The Beatles made a K.O (knock out) on the audience”, “Young and wild ecstasy” and ” It was a so called pop concert in the Sporthall Thursday evening. Pop concert means a systematically built up ‘black mass’ in the erotic temple of pop”, “A hand full of girls heating each other up and to help them there is this noise from the guitars of the twist idols.”

The songs The Beatles played during this last concert was: Please Please Me, I Saw Her Standing There, From Me To You, Chains, Boys, She Loves You, A Taste of Honey and Twist And Shout.

This was the songs they played during the most of their concerts in Sweden.


This was the 1st and only concert played at Sporthallen.

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