Wogan • Friday, December 14, 1990

TV ShowBy Paul McCartney
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BBC Television Centre

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From Wikipedia:

Wogan is a British television talk show which was broadcast on BBC1 from 1982 until 1992, presented by Terry Wogan. The show was generally broadcast live from BBC Television Theatre in Shepherd’s Bush, London until 1991. It was then broadcast from the BBC Television Centre. Some shows were pre-recorded, but broadcast unedited, ‘as live’. Wogan ended its run in July 1992 (it was replaced by the soap opera Eldorado).

Wogan introduced McCartney, who began the appearance by singing “All My Trials.” Asked about the controversy over the song, he said, “It became like a political thing. In actual fact, we started liking the song. And we put a video to it. But it suddenly seemed to have a more powerful message because we used things like homeless people and NHS closures to show the trials. And then the timing was right when Maggie (British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher) got dumped, remember that? Which we couldn’t have possibly known about.

From Byte Clay

At Wogan, Blair Cunningham made his first appearance as the new drummer for the band – he would stay with the band for Unplugged, the 1991 tour, Off The Ground and The New World Tour:

Taking time out after rehearsals, Paul told CS why the [1991] secret gig plan was finally being brought to fruition. “It’s really to keep the band active,” he explained.

Blair played with us when we did Wogan [to plug ‘All My Trials’] and in the dressing-room after the show I thought we’d better invite him to join us, make it official. And Wix was funny, he said, ‘Yeah, welcome to the group, Blair, and a year off, because they knew I was going to do the Oratorio. And Blair was saying, ‘I love playing, I love playing’ so I thought, ‘I can’t get him in the group and then have nothing for him until October…’

From Club Sandwich 58, Summer 1991

BBC Television Centre

This was the 7th concert played at BBC Television Centre.

A total of 8 concerts have been played there • 1966Jun 16th1972May 25th1973Jan 4th1974Nov 21st1987Dec 3rdDec 12th1990Dec 14th1993Jan 7th

Setlist for the concert


All My Trials

Written by Traditional

Mimed performance

Album Available on Live Archives Vol. 2 (1990-1997)


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