Top Of The Pops • Thursday, January 7, 1993

TV ShowBy Paul McCartney
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BBC Television Centre

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“We were on to perform After All and I mean growing up as a teenager and being into music, appearing on Top of the Pops was something we long aspired to so then to appear on the show and to find ourselves on the same night as Paul McCartney, it was all a bit surreal.

“His dressingroom was directly across the corridor from ours, so we just stuck our heads in to say hello and he invited us in, and we met Linda and three of his daughters – it was amazing because for me The Beatles were extraordinary – they were like the blueprint for writing songs.

“And then you suddenly stop and think: ‘We’re here on Top of The Pops and we’re talking to Paul McCartney – it’s a real pinch-me moment – it’s like something out of the Truman Show where you think someone is going to say, Your time is up, go back to your boxroom in Bishopstown’.”

Paul Linehan – Lead vocalist of Frank and Walters – From ‘We just stuck our heads in to say hello’: The night Frank and Walters met Paul McCartney – The Irish Times
From ‘We just stuck our heads in to say hello’: The night Frank and Walters met Paul McCartney – The Irish Times – The Frank and Walters with Paul McCartney backstage at Top of the Pops in 1993. Photograph: courtesy the Frank and Walters

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BBC Television Centre

This was the 8th concert played at BBC Television Centre.

A total of 8 concerts have been played there • 1966Jun 16th1972May 25th1973Jan 4th1974Nov 21st1987Dec 3rdDec 12th1990Dec 14th1993Jan 7th

Setlist for the concert


Hope Of Deliverance

Written by Paul McCartney

Live vocal, with pre-recorded backing

Album Available on Live Archives Vol. 2 (1990-1997)


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