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Sheffield • Saturday, April 5, 2003

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Hallam FM Arena

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From The Macca Report:

Paul performed to a soldout audience at the Hallam Arena. The audience was a bit slow getting into the concert but Macca was able to unglue them from their seats. He wore a bright red Nehru jacket, a short-sleeved red T-shirt with white trim and blue jeans and hit some impressive high notes. However toward the end of the show his voice was showing signs of strain and his speaking voice was very hoarse with words missing as he talked.

Security was busy ejecting some people with still or video cameras or confiscating them.

Paul welcomed the crowd, “Hello Sheffield! We’ve been all over, but it’s great to be home.”

Before “Blackbird,” he said, “It’s amazing to be speaking English again…we’ve been in France and Barcelona and Belgium, and it’s…”blahblahblah” (speaks fake Dutch) …of course that wasn’t really Belgian…”

The dialogue was much the same as the US shows with Paul bring back the “massage” stories before “You Never Give Me Your Money.” He did ‘forget’ the words (like US shows) when he sang “You Never Give Me Your Money” “This is the part were I don’t know the words…” 

He also played the “George Harrison style” fast ukulele encore of “Something,” explaining that George H. told him “no you don’t play it like that, you play it like THIS!” Paul played up Harrison’s George Formby connection in a joking manner pointing out that George H. was in the George F. fanclub and went to George F. conventions. He delighted the crowd with his Formby impression of “hey, hey!” when he finished the song.

After “Calico Skies” he mentioned the song was donated to the War Child charity album (“Hope”) to help the Iraqi children.

On screen text messages:

“Seems like an awful big crowd for All About Eve, oops I think I’m at the wrong gig!” “Good luck getting out of the car park!” “from Funclub member no. 4,” “Watch out Paul my Mum is after you.” “If you sing the Frog Song, I’ll give you my last Jaffa cake” and a marriage proposal.

Text message from Paul the day after the show. “Hope you had a wonderful time at the show! It was great to be back in the UK. Check out the DVD and CD of the show ‘Back in The World.’ Thanks Paul McCartney.” 

Paul Mccartney Performing Live In Sheffield, Britain – 05 Apr 2003, Paul Mccartney (Photo by Brian Rasic/Getty Images)

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Hallam FM Arena

This was the 1st concert played at Hallam FM Arena.

A total of 2 concerts have been played there • 2003Apr 5thMay 29th

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