Lavatory Lil' (Lyric video)

Promotional film • For Paul McCartney • Directed by Lucy Dyson
Timeline This film has been released in 2020
Release date:
Dec 18, 2020

Master release

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Lavatory Lil'

Officially appears on McCartney III

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Lavatory Lil (Visualizer)

2021 • For Paul McCartney

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Every song of 2020 album “McCartney III” was published on the YouTube streaming platform as a lyric video. Those lyrics videos were released in batches, from December 18, 2020 (the day of the release of the album) to mid-January for the latest one.

The lyric video for the track “Lavatory Lil’“, was published on the day of the release of the album, December 18, 2020. On the same day, lyric videos for “Women And Wives“, “Pretty Boys” and “Winter Bird / When Winter Comes” were also released, as well as another video for “Find My Way“.

@mollydogson did all the illustrations and @isobelknowles has been a total genius helping with the animation.

Working with Paul’s handwritten lyrics each lyric video is based in a domestic or studio setting. Using photos taken by Paul’s daughter Mary McCartney while he recorded the album during lockdown I created collaged scenes for the viewer to get a sense of Paul’s at-home creative process. To add a touch of intimacy you see his coffee cup, his plectrums, pencils, synthesisers, guitar pedals, curtains, books, mushroom lamp etc. I was also allowed to use Linda McCartney’s photographs taken during the recording of the McCartney and McCartney II albums, some of these details work as added easter-eggs for the fans with keen eyes to discover.

Lucy Dyson – From Facebook, December 24, 2020


  • Directed and animated by Lucy Dyson
  • Illustrations by Molly Dyson
  • Photography by Mary McCartney
  • Additional animation by Isobel Knowles

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