Maybe I'm Amazed (version 1)

Promotional film • For Paul McCartney • Directed by Charlie Jenkins
Timeline This film has been released in 1970
Release date:
Apr 19, 1970

Master release

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Maybe I'm Amazed

Officially appears on McCartney

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In April 1970, a promotional video for “Maybe I’m Amazed” was directed by Charlie Jenkins and produced by David Puttnam. The video is a montage of still photographs taken by Linda McCartney, showing personal family photos and photos of Paul McCartney in the studio during the “Get Back” sessions (at Twickenham Film Studios and at Apple Studios).

On April 19, the video was broadcast on ITV London, in the London Weekend Television programme.

Over the years, several variations of this video were made. From Paul McCartney – Music video collection 1970-2021 part 1 – The Daily Beatle (

Maybe I’m Amazed #1  (1970) VERSION 1- VARIATION A  (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

Directed by Charlie Jenkins.
Video Premiere: April 19, 1970.

The first music video in Paul’s solo career was made with photographs taken by Linda and him. What characterizes the original version is the slight movement and instability of the images.
The word ‘McCartney‘ at the beginning shows a light yellow tone. This variation has not been officially released but is available on Bootleg DVDs and has been broadcast worldwide for decades.

Maybe I’m Amazed #2  (1993) VERSION 1- VARIATION B

Directed by Charlie Jenkins.
Mastered: June 16, 1993

It was re-released in 1993 as a promotion for the new McCartney remastered catalog collection on CD. The video remains the same as VARIATION A, however the audio was replaced by the new mix, it includes a slate that notices the change in sound. This version was unknown to most collectors. It circulates on Bootleg DVD.

Maybe I’m Amazed #3  (2007) VERSION 1- VARIATION C

Directed by Charlie Jenkins.
Release Date: Nov 12, 2007.

Available in the ‘McCartney Years’ collection in excellent widescreen quality but with the image cropped that gives an appearance as if all the photos had more zoom.
The word ‘McCartney‘ at the beginning of the video is shown in white in this version.

Maybe I’m Amazed #4  (2012) VERSION 1- VARIATION D

Directed by Charlie Jenkins.
Digital Remaster: ‘McCartney Archive Collection’, June 13, 2012.

Available as part of the “Archive Collection” series, it is without doubt the most complete version to date. Digitally restored, the instability and movement in the photographs were eliminated but also, it shows for the first time the images much wider than its predecessors, all the photographs are shown without being cropped, especially on the bottom and sides. The title ‘McCartney‘ is in a higher position than any other version as the video is not cropped at either end, the typography is more stylized and now in a light brown color unlike the original in light yellow .

Maybe I’m Amazed #5 (2020) VERSION 1- VARIATION E

Directed by Charlie Jenkins.
Video Premiere: April 17, 2020.

Released on Paul’s official YouTube channel as part of the 50th Anniversary of the album ‘McCartney’ and despite being restored frame by frame, it has many deficiencies when compared to VARIATION D.
It was tried to be similar to the original from 1970, but several aspects were changed: the typography with the word ‘McCartney‘ is more stylized and is now shown in a bone white color instead of the original light yellow, the photographs are mostly cropped to respect the first version, however there are many that were paired against the 2012 version and others that are in between; and the final photograph was drastically cropped at the top and enlarged to prevent the dark spots that appear in all previous versions were visible.

From Paul McCartney – Music video collection 1970-2021 part 1 – The Daily Beatle (

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