Maybe I'm Amazed ("Wings Over America" version)

Promotional film • For Wings

Master release

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Maybe I'm Amazed

Officially appears on McCartney

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Maybe I'm Amazed (version 1)

1970 • For Paul McCartney • Directed by Charlie Jenkins

Maybe I'm Amazed (version 2)

2001 • For Paul McCartney

Maybe I’m Amazed ("Back In The US" version)

2002 • For Paul McCartney • Directed by Mark Haefeli

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From Paul McCartney – Music video collection 1970-2021 part 1 – The Daily Beatle (

Maybe I’m Amazed (1977 ‘Wings Over America’)

The video was released in February 1977. It is a collage of photographs taken during the 1975-76 Tour, accompanying the live audio extracted from the album ‘Wings Over America’ which was released as a single on Feb 4, 1977. This official video was omitted in the ‘Wings Over America Archive Collection’ and is only available on Bootleg DVD.


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