Interview for BBC Radio 6 Music • Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Interview with BBC Radio 6 Music

Radio interview • Interview of Paul McCartney
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BBC Radio 6 Music
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Matt Everitt
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About winning the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album, for his album “Kisses On The Bottom“:

Paul McCartney: We were watching it on telly, it was like ‘Oh yeah!’. You can imagine the room went wild. It came as a big shock to me to know there were 17 to tell you the truth. I don’t keep count, I suppose that’s somewhat flash – people know my figures better than I do. I don’t think a lot of the best musicians in the world got Grammys, it only goes to select few, and so to be one of those for the 17th time is phenomenal. It’s my theory that the only way to win one is to not go. The minute you go and you’re sitting in the audience it’ll be ‘And the winner is… John Mayer’, and you do the face, and you smile and clap and go ‘how good humoured am I?’.

About his next studio album:

Paul McCartney: I’ve made some tracks, and I’m sorting them all out, putting them together properly. I’m trying to finish it in the next month or so.

About the sound of his next album:

Paul McCartney: it’s Paul McCartney songs. What can I say? Paul McCartney songs are varied. There will be a ballad, there will be a rocker – I don’t know how to classify them. I guess the worst thing for me would be to call them ‘pop songs’. But it is probably what they are. I hate those categories.

About the four producers he’s working with:

Paul McCartney: They’re really good people. I knew their work, and I knew they were very good, so I just thought: ‘Let me see if I get on with them’. I thought one might sort of rise to the top. They’re cool people whose work I liked and of course what’s happened is I like them all.

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