Recording "Mood Indigo" soundtrack

Circa January - March 2013 ? • For Paul McCartney

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the L'Ecume Des Jours - Original Soundtrack Official album.
Avatar Studios, New York, USA

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From IndieWire, April 8, 2013:

Well, here’s something nice. In an era where the music landscape is unpredictable at best, and soundtracks are increasingly pushed to digital-only release, the tunes for Michel Gondry‘s upcoming “Mood Indigo” are getting a nice spread on two discs. Not too shabby.

Duke Ellington is the main player here, with four songs from the jazz legend making their way into the movie, and the rest is an interesting grab bag. Boz Scagg‘s “Lowdown” and Ray Shanklin‘s “Bertha’s Theme” (which appeared in “Fritz The Cat“) are here, along with The Lumineers‘ massively popular “Ho Hey” and a track by Mia Doi Todd (Gondry directed her video for “Open Your Heart” a couple years back). As for the actual score, it has been composed by Gondry’s former Oui Oui bandmate, Étienne Charry, with Paul McCartney adding his bass on a few tunes, though the reported song by popular French chanteuse France Gall doesn’t seem to have made the cut.

The soundtrack drops on April 22nd in France, with the movie hitting theaters two days later. […]

From IndieWire, March 15, 2013:

Back in 2007, Michel Gondry directed the video for Paul McCartney’s “Dance Tonight,” and it appears that the two have now collaborated again with the McCartney having reportedly done some work as a guest musician on the score for the director’s upcoming “Mood Indigo.”

According to French site RTL, McCartney came in and played bass on at least two instrumental tracks for the film, and if that’s the case then we imagine the label will have a much easier time moving copies of the soundtrack than they would have before. The score itself is by Gondry’s former Oui Oui bandmate, Étienne Charry, and it will also feature a song by popular French chanteuse France Gall.

This will be the second soundtrack of 2013 that McCartney will have contributed original music to, the other of course being Dave Grohl’s Sundance documentary “Sound City” on which the former Beatle performed alongside Grohl and Krist Novoslic on the track “Cut Me Some Slack.” No word yet on when the complete “Mood Indigo” soundtrack will drop or what else it might feature. The movie opens this spring in France and Belgium on April 24th, but is without a stateside distributor as of yet.

From VICE, July 26, 2014 – interview with directory Michel Gondry and actress Audrey Tautou:

Michel Gondry: […] And there is this one thing that no one ever knows, is that Paul McCartney plays on the soundtrack. He plays a bass in the score, in half of the tracks.


Michel Gondry: You don’t care. Nobody cares.

VICE: Nobody cares?

Michel Gondry: I mean. You seem so unimpressed right now.

VICE: [Laughs]

Michel Gondry: If you were to say that to me right now I’d be like, “WHAT THE FUCK?!!” And you are just like, ‘oh.’ I was hoping I would impress him, Audrey. I’m sorry you’re not—I’m sad you’re not impressed by this thing I’m very proud of.

Songs recorded


Bells Race

Written by Etienne Charry



Mais Aime La

Written by Michel Berger




Production staff

Brian Montgomery:
Recording engineer


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