Interview for BBC Radio 6 Music • Thursday, August 29, 2013

Interview with BBC Radio 6 Music

Radio interview • Interview of Paul McCartney
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BBC Radio 6 Music
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Matt Everitt
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From, September 17, 2013:

With the announcement [of the “New” single] came a fairly impromptu radio interview schedule for Paul, who was actually still on his holiday in the US. From my desk in London I called into Paul at the Hamptons and spent an hour or so patching him through to some radio stations in the UK and US. Paul was happy to chat away whilst, unbeknownst to the DJs, still enjoying his morning breakfast cereal. ‘I’m living on the edge!’, he joked whilst waiting to join a US morning show!

These interviews gave Paul the chance to finally start really talking about the album publicly. He discussed working with the various producers, the style of the album and why his job still excites him so much.

Stuart Bell, Paul McCartney’s publicist

About the “NEW” song being released:

Paul McCartney: It’s catchy, it’s summery. We wanted to put it out as the first track from the album, because it’s a summer, drive along song. I’m pleased with it. I think people will recognise it as definitely me. It’s very positive, I’m a very positive person. I’m in a positive mood at the moment. It’s a love song but it’s kind of saying don’t look at me I haven’t got any answers. It says I don’t know what’s happening, I don’t know how it’s all happening, but it’s good and I love you.

About the “NEW” album coming soon:

Paul McCartney: The record itself is very varied. There aren’t really any other tracks on it like “New”. I worked with four producers and each of them brought something different to the tracks that they worked on. The songs I wrote and brought for this album were quite varied and at first I thought it missed the continuity that I want, but then I started to think of Beatles albums. You got Strawberry Fields followed by Penny Lane…

About working with Mark Ronson:

Paul McCartney: Mark’s work with Amy Winehouse was sensational, so I knew he’d be good. He knows his music, he knows what he likes and the two of us together took the song and tried to put the maximum vibe into it. We had a lot of fun. He brought expertise, energy, enthusiasm and the odd laugh or two.

About working with Paul Epworth:

Paul McCartney: He was one of the producers I wanted to see if we got on and see if we could work together and he was really a great pleasure to work with. Paul works completely differently. I have got a project called The Fireman. It’s very much improvised. And Paul works along those lines. We just went into the studio the first day that I ever met him. He says “I’ve got this idea”, and he outlined the idea. “Let’s just make it up” And I picked up on his vibe and his enthusiasm and I just started knocking out something on the piano and he started drumming to it. And I just stuck a bit of bass on it and we had the basis of this song sort of worked out. It was very much “Let’s make it up as we go along”. The tracks that are Paul’s on the album weren’t written. I didn’t bring them in, which is my normal method. But I like working this way it’s like living on the edge man!

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