“New” promotion campaign launched on Twitter

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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On this day, a series of cryptic tweets were published on the official Paul McCartney Twitter accounts. The tweets were all fragments of terms that include “new”. “New“, the song from the eponym album, would be released the day after.

From For Whom The Bell Tells, September 17, 2013:

Kicking off with the word ‘castle’, Paul had the idea to tweet a selection of words that went with the word ‘new’, just days before the announcement. Sure enough this got people talking and credit to those on the message boards who finally seemed to piece it together ahead of the reveal. We had a few calls from mainstream media, checking if Paul’s account had been hacked and trying to work it all out.

Steve, who runs all Paul’s social network channels, had some great stats on these tweets too which I thought you might like to see. The number after the word shows you how many re-tweets each word got.

In order the words went out:

Castle: 1,345
Born: 1,528
York: 1,193
Moon: 2,291
Sworthy: 1,042
Potato: 9,280
Fangled: 1,083
Lyweds: 798
Sreel: 787
Orleans: 664
Zealand: 492

‘Potato’ is the largest amount of re-tweets Paul has had since the Olympics opening ceremony last year!

Even Hilary Clinton mentioned to Paul how fun she thought the tease was and how she had been trying to work out what his tweets meant!

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