Interview for BBC • Sunday, October 26, 1969

Interview for BBC

Radio interview • Interview of Paul McCartney • Recorded Oct 24, 1969
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Chris Drake
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On October 24, 1969, Paul McCartney was interviewed by BBC journalist Chris Drake, on his farm in Scotland. The goal of the interview was to respond to the growing “Paul is dead” rumors. Paul said that the speculation was understandable, given that he normally did “an interview a week” to ensure he remained in the news. According to author John Winn, McCartney had conceded to the interview “in hopes that people hearing his voice would see the light”, but the ploy failed.

The interview was broadcast in parts. On October 26, the first part was broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s “The World This Weekend“. On October 27, the second part was broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s “The World At One“, and the third part on BBC Radio 2’s “Late Night Extra“. It was also broadcast on WMCA in the US.

If the conclusion you reach is that I’m dead, then you’re wrong, because I’m alive and living in Scotland.

Paul McCartney, to journalist Chris Drake

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