Interview for Ready Steady Go! • Friday, October 4, 1963

Interview with Dusty Springfield

TV interview • Interview of The Beatles
Ready Steady Go!
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Dusty Springfield
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DUSTY: “Paul, I’ve got some questions to ask you here. Please could you tell me the name of your racing greyhound?”

PAUL: “Uhh, I haven’t got one, actually.”

DUSTY: “You haven’t?”

PAUL: “No. Well, a girl sent in a letter to me, and she said, ‘Would you like a gra… a gracing rayhound!’ And I said ‘Yeah!’ but she hasn’t sent it yet.”

DUSTY: “She hasn’t? Awww.”

CROWD: (in exaggerated sympathy) “Awwww!!”

DUSTY: “I’m sure she loves you.”

PAUL: “She hasnt sent it yet, but I hope she does though.”

DUSTY: “Is it true you sleep with you eyes open?”

PAUL: “Umm, well you know, I haven’t seen myself do it…”


PAUL: “But actually, the fellas say that I do. They’ve, sort of, seen me sleeping with my eyes open.”

DUSTY: “How can you do that?”

PAUL: “I don’t know, you know… just sort of half open.”

DUSTY: “You’re just clever… you’re just Brilliant, Paul.”

(crowd giggles)

DUSTY: (reading) “Please ask Paul if he plucks his well-shaped eyebrows.”


PAUL: “Umm, no.”

DUSTY: “You don’t. It doesn’t look so. You’re absolutely beautiful. Paul, do you mind girls screaming all through your act?”

PAUL: “Uhh, no. We like ’em screaming, generally, all of us. But it’s a bit much all the way through. But we love ’em screaming.”

JOHN: (comically) “Hear, hear!”

(the girls cheer and applaud in approval)

DUSTY: (turning to John) “This is a question which you’ve been asked a thousand times before but you always, all of you, give different versions or different answers. So you’ve got to tell me now… How did the Beatles get their name?”

JOHN: “I just thought of it.” (comically proud facial expression)

(crowd cheers)

DUSTY: “Were they called anything else before?”

JOHN: “They were called the Quarrymen.” (comically giggles)

DUSTY: “You rugged character! …Oh John, listen. (reading) Do you have false teeth, as they always look so even?”

JOHN: “No! (scratches front teeth with fingernail) They’re all chipped and battered.”


DUSTY: “Girls, would you say his teeth were chipped and battered?”

CROWD: (in unison) “NO!”

JOHN: “No, they’re real.”

DUSTY: “Is it true that, when you were a kid, you were shot at for stealing apples?”

JOHN: “Yeah.”


DUSTY: (gesturing to the side of his face) “Is that what these beautiful marks are?”

JOHN: “No, they’re scabs.”


DUSTY: “There’s nothing there at all, really. He’s got a quite beautiful complexion.”

JOHN: (suggestively, joking with Dusty) “Let me see YOUR scabs!”

PAUL: (objecting comically) “HEY!”



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