Interview for Radio Leeds • Wednesday, February 16, 1972

Interview for Radio Leeds

Radio interview • Interview of Wings • Recorded Feb 16, 1972
Published by:
Radio Leeds
Interview by:
Steve Haig
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Album This interview has been made to promote the Give Ireland Back To The Irish 7" Single.

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After Wings’ show in Leeds on February 16, 1972, Paul and Linda McCartney were interviewed by Radio Leeds.

Paul McCartney: We have done a new single which will be coming out very shortly.

Linda McCartney: Next week

Paul McCartney: And I hope you’re going to play it on Radio Leeds. It’s called “Give Ireland Back To The Irish”.

Do you think you’ll ever do what the Beatles did with this band?

Paul McCartney: the same thing, no. As far as I’m concerned, I’m just some fella who used to be in a group called the Beatles. The Beatles split up so quite naturally that job is over. Quite naturally you don’t hang around with all those people, you look for something else. And that’s all I’m doing. And it’s a group called Wings and we’re having a great time doing the kind of things the Beatles have never done.


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