Interview for Record Mirror • Saturday, December 2, 1972

Wings Flying Hi, Hi, Hi!

Press interview • Interview of Wings
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Record Mirror
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Album This interview has been made to promote the Hi, Hi, Hi / C Moon 7" Single.

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OF THE FOUR Beatles Paul McCartney is the only one who’s formed a regular working group. After their European tour Wings now have a new single released. It’s a double A-side: Hi, Hi, Hi and C Moon. Already Hi, Hi, Hi has run into censorship problems with Them at the British Brainwashing Conspiracy. A new Wings album and a British tour are in line for the new year. MITCH HOWARD found Paul, Linda and Wings drummer Denny Seiwell in a confident mood about Wings when he spoke to them last week…

RM: Hi, Hi, Hi is much more rocky than other Wings stuff. Is this the thing you were doing on tour?

PAUL: Actually a slightly different version of Hi, Hi, Hi – we changed it a bit for the record – was the song we used to close with. It’s a good rocky get-it-on bop. The end section is recommended for jumping up and down to if you’re at a party and a wee bit drunk.

RM: Is this the kind of material that’ll be on the next album?

PAUL: Not particularly. It’s just one of our records. With our stuff you can never tell really. One minute it’s Ireland, next minute it’s Mary Had A Little Lamb. Next minute it’s this. This is one of our new songs but it doesn’t mean that all our stuff’s like that.

From John Lyons on Instagram: “The British press gave Paul McCartney a hard time in the 1970s, as this interview illustrates. #recordmirror #paulmccartneyandwings…”
From John Lyons on Instagram: “The British press gave Paul McCartney a hard time in the 1970s, as this interview illustrates. #recordmirror #paulmccartneyandwings…”

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