Interview with Bobby Dale • Monday, May 13, 1968

Interview with Bobby Dale

Interview of Paul McCartney
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Bobby Dale
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From May 11 to May 15, 1968, John Lennon and Paul McCartney travelled to New York, to promote their newly-formed company, Apple Corps. On May 13, they conducted a series of interviews for US media.

Bobby Dale: What about the voting age? Do you think the voting age should drop down to eighteen years of age?

Paul McCartney: I think it should be dropped down to the age of six! Actually, we should have a very young, seven-year-old Prime Minister.

Bobby Dale: This question is relevant in England, but it still happens in Holland, do you think National Service is a groovy scene where a guy has got to go?

Paul: No, no. I just missed it. I just got out of it and I was in the last batch they nearly called up. But I did miss it, and thank goodness! If The Beatles had all ended up in the army, getting our hair cuts, it would have all been knocked out of us. ‘Cos, that’s it, you grow up, till you’re about twentyish or eighteen, whenever they grab yer, and they knock it all out of yer, at that age. They make you into some big Claude, you know, some big army soldier. I mean, it sometimes did good things for you, but it also can do some bad things.

Bobby Dale: Now, you’re getting involved in film, television programmes, and things like that?

Paul: Yes, we’ve set up an organisation where we can make films a bit easier, rather than having to go to all the big companies, and, incidentally, we’ll help all the other people on the way.

Bobby Dale: Have you got a film in the can at the moment?

Paul: Well, we haven’t started the first one yet, but we’re in the organisation stage.

Bobby Dale: Have you got a name for it?

Paul: The first one will be called The Jam.


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