Interview with Larry Kane • Monday, May 13, 1968

Interview of The Beatles
Interview by:
Larry Kane
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On May 13, 1968, John Lennon and Paul McCartney were in New York and conducted a series of interviews for US media. Those interviews took place at the St Regis Hotel. From

Among the reporters was Larry Kane, a Miami-based disc jockey who had been a key supporter of The Beatles since their US invasion in 1964. His interview was filmed in colour, and the footage was eventually released with Kane’s book Lennon Revealed. Kane asked Lennon and McCartney about Apple’s business aims, their trip to India, thoughts on LSD, US campus riots and Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination. Lennon also talks about The Beatles’ touring days in the US, particularly their troubled 1966 appearance in Memphis and their first visit to New York in 1964.

Paul “We only stopped touring because there was nowhere to go, you could only get bigger and bigger audiences and you couldn’t hear it.”

John “What with all the rifles and the big masks and the club, I was frightened to death!”

Larry Kane “Of all the time you’ve been Beatles, before you were just people from Liverpool, there was always a question that somebody asked you, ‘When is the bubble going to burst?’ Remember that? Well, the bubble hasn’t burst, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to burst.”

John (interrupting) “It just flew off.”

Larry Kane “But do you ever envision a time of just ceasing being The Beatles and going off on your own?”

John “We do work on our own anyway now.”

Larry Kane “You never can be anything else but The Beatles?”

Paul “We are The Beatles. That’s what we are!”

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