Interview for Daily Mail • Thursday, December 28, 1967

Interview with Daily Mail

Press interview • Interview of Paul McCartney
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Daily Mail
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Album This interview has been made to promote the Magical Mystery Tour (UK EP - Mono) EP.

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Paul McCartney:

“It was a mistake because we thought people would understand that it was ‘magical’ and a ‘mystery tour’. We thought that the title was explanation enough. There was no plot and it was formless. Deliberately so. We enjoy fantasy and were trying to create this. Perhaps we should have had someone say, ‘We are going magical now, folks!’ We did not and the trouble is, if people don’t understand, they say, ‘A load of rubbish,’ and switch off. Our problem is that we are prisoners of our own fame. We could put on a mop-top show, but we don’t really like that sort of entertainment any more. And we don’t work for the bread now. We will make another film, and we won’t employ choreographers, directors and the rest. We will make it ourselves. We learned a lot. It was not such a bad thing that we were slated. It still leaves us a challenge. But, was the film really so bad compared with the rest of the Christmas TV? Frankie and Bruce’s show with Frankie Howard and Bruce Forsyth on ITV on Saturday, just wasn’t funny! And you could hardly call the Queen’s speech a gasser!”

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