Munich 1966 press conference • Thursday, June 23, 1966

Munich 1966 press conference

Press conference • Interview of The Beatles

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Q: “What do you think about Munich?”

Beatles – Pressekonferenz (Foto: Archiv Herbert Hauke)

JOHN: “Well, what I’ve seen looks lovely, and the weather’s nice too.”

Q: “What do you think about your book here?”

JOHN: “Oh, I don’t know what I think about it in German yet, ‘cuz I can’t understand it. But the publisher’s nice. In English, it’s nice. I don’t know what it’s like, you know. Just read it and find out.”

Q: “What are you going to do with your lederhosen?”

PAUL: “Umm, I don’t know. Probably hang ’em up eventually.”

Q: “You’re not going to wear them?”

PAUL: “I might do, yeah. It’s too hot at the moment.”

Q: “How’s your German?”

RINGO: “Terrible. I don’t speak it.”

Q: “You don’t speak it at all?”

RINGO: “Not to speak of, you know. Just a couple of jokes, like spiegeleye and pomfritz, you know. (laughs) But that’s not really German. That’s about all I know… and wie gehts, which is enough. (jokingly) As long as you can say wie gehts, you’re alright.”

Q: “If you could purchase a page in the Olympic Games in ’72 in Munich, what would you like to be?”

GEORGE: “Oh, I don’t know.”

RINGO: “Egg and spoon race.”

GEORGE: (laughs) “The three-legged race, to headline the Olympic Games. Well… maybe the high jump.”

RINGO: “The high jump. Good one.”

GEORGE: (laughs) 

Ringo Starr und Paul Mccartney auf der pressekonferenz (Foto: Archiv Herbert Hauke)

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