Radio interview in Boston • Thursday, August 18, 1966

Radio interview • Interview of The Beatles
Interview by:
Bess Coleman
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Somerset Hotel, Boston, USA

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Boston • Suffolk Downs Racetrack • USA

Aug 18, 1966 • USA • Boston • Suffolk Downs Racetrack

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Throughout their 1966 US tour, some journalists had the opportunity to travel with The Beatles and hold in-depth “taping sessions” in their hotels or dressing rooms. These sessions allowed the journalists to interview each Beatle more deeply than was possible at press conferences.

Among the journalists who had this privilege were Judith Sims and Bess Coleman of TeenSet US magazine, Jim Stagg of WCFL Chicago radio station, Kenny Everett of Radio London, and Jerry Leighton of Radio Caroline.

After a night’s rest in Toronto, The Beatles flew to Boston on August 18, 1966, to give one concert at the Suffolk Downs Racetrack, a horse racing course. The stage was set in the middle of the raceway, a mere 100 yards from the 25,000 screaming fans in attendance, and the Fab Four were driven to the platform in a limo.

From “That Magic Feeling: The Beatles’ Recorded Legacy, Volume Two, 1966-1970” by John C. Winn

Once again, Bess Coleman spoke individually to each Beatle during the Boston taping session.

Ringo complains how difficult it was to emulate a professional disc jockey when he tried to perform a mock radio show on one of his home tapes. He points out how the press reaction in the first city on any given tour usually sets the tone for subsequent coverage, and gives a wonderfully nonresponsive answer when asked to comment on whether this will be the Beatles’ last U.S. tour.

Asked if there’s any place new he’d like to visit, George (perhaps thinking of Manila) says he’ll go anywhere he won’t get arrested! He professes once again not to be satisfied with Revolver, because when listening it’s impossible for the group to focus on anything but the flaws, and every song could be improved somehow. Another unknown female approaches, saying, “Don’t have a tape recorder, I just wanted to chat,” and

George immediately launches into a parody of a typical pop star listing his fave-raves (“Corn Flakes … Mini Minor … blue … blond …”).

Asked to define the word happiness, John reels off a similar joke list (“A cuddly foot… a brown bear … and a plate full of Kellogg’s …”), before admitting that happiness is more a state of mind than something dependent on environment or material goods. He also reveals that George has just given him a haircut, and that the last time he cut George’s hair (in Hamburg) was a bit of a disaster.

Paul explains that he bought a farm in Scotland because it was inexpensive and remote, and enthuses about the likelihood of being trapped there one day by a snowstorm. After vaguely describing the property, he admits he’s seen it only once, for the grand total of one hour! His priority is moving into the new house in London, but Paul feels by 1967 he’ll be able to begin staying at his farmhouse.

From “That Magic Feeling: The Beatles’ Recorded Legacy, Volume Two, 1966-1970” by John C. Winn

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