Interview for KIMN Denver • Sunday, August 21, 1966

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Radio interview • Interview of The Beatles
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KIMN Denver
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Busch Stadium, St. Louis, USA

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The Beatles were initially slated to perform in Cincinnati on August 20, 1966. However, due to heavy rain, the concert was postponed to noon on August 21. Immediately after this performance, the Beatles, accompanied by their supporting acts, flew to St. Louis. There, they played an evening concert at Busch Stadium, in front of 23,143 attendees, which was roughly half the stadium’s capacity. Before the concert, they were interviewed by Denver-based KMIN radio.

From “That Magic Feeling: The Beatles’ Recorded Legacy, Volume Two, 1966-1970” by John C. Winn:

With a limited number of stops on the 1966 tour, radio stations in various nonitinerary cities held contests to send groups of fans to see the Beatles. One such party traveled from Denver to St. Louis, accompanied by a representative of the station who talked his way backstage to interview the group before the concert.

John describes the events that caused them to cancel the Cincinnati show, and says that most of the fans were able to make it back that afternoon for the rescheduled concert. With storm clouds massing, the reporter wonders if that night’s show might not be rained out, but John says they don’t mind playing in a thunderstorm as long as the equipment is covered. He then fails to get information from John about How I Won the War. (“I understand that you and the other three Beatles are under contract to United Artists to do three pictures.” “Are we?”) Finally, the reporter asks if Revolver is any different in England, and amazingly, John is able to name the three tracks pulled for use on “Yesterday”…And Today (well, maybe it’s not so amazing considering they are all his songs).

Paul is asked about the possibility of the Beatles releasing an album of Christmas songs, and he points out that “White Christmas” is one of the only holiday-themed pop songs to be wildly successful (“You might as well bring out an Easter album …”). The reporter unwittingly hits a potential sore spot by asking Paul to explain the meaning of “She Said She Said,” and he gives a very literal interpretation of the lyrics, admitting, “I don’t know what half of our songs are about.” Ringo reveals that he’ll be singing “I Wanna Be Your Man” that night, and Paul jokes that it’s a special request for the visiting Denver fans. Asked why he isn’t singing “Yellow Submarine” instead, Ringo says they keep meaning to rehearse it, but never get around to it. He feels the crowds have been as good as ever, but might seem smaller now that they are trying to fill larger stadiums. The recording wraps up with further unenlightening chat about security, taxes, and films.

From “That Magic Feeling: The Beatles’ Recorded Legacy, Volume Two, 1966-1970” by John C. Winn

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