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You Gave Me The Answer (2013)

Interview of Paul McCartney
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What would you do if you had a time machine?

Paul McCartney: Go back and spend time with my mum

Who was the biggest influence upon your bass playing?

The biggest influence on my bass playing was James Jamerson who played on many of my favourite Motown releases.

If you could re-live one day in your life what day would it be?

If I could re-live any one day in my life it would have to be when any of my kids were born.

What are your highlights from the ‘Wings over the World Tour?

For me, the highlights from the ‘Wings over the World’ tour are Madison Square Garden, New York and The Kingdome in Seattle. And after a year’s work of trying to achieve the impossible – forming a band after The Beatles – we made it. The smell of success was sweet.

What is the most inspirational thing someone has ever said to you?

I once heard someone say a certain major star was very humble. Eric Clapton said, ‘The great ones usually are.’

Not including music, what are your favourite pastimes, hobbies or interests?

When I’m not playing music I love spending time horse riding, and playing with my kids and grandkids.

What special piece of advice from your parents has stuck with you over the years?

Our Dad always used to say to us, ‘D.I.N.’, which stood for ‘Do It Now’. I’ve always tried to not take too long over things instead of putting them off.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Thanks for your question Jackie. I’d be called ‘Peaceman’ and my superpower would be a zapper that I would use to END WAR!

If you could be anonymous for a day, what would you do?

Thanks for your question, Barry. If I could be anonymous for a day I’d like to wander around Disneyland with my kids checking out all the rides!

Where do you write your songs?

To write my songs I find a quiet corner of the house so I can develop it in private. Then, when I think they are finished, I can come out and play them to my family and friends. So the song may be written in the cellar or an attic, some sort of quiet room or my music room at home.

The holiday season is here – what are some of your favourite family traditions?

Thank you for your question Karen and a very Merry Christmas to you! We have many family traditions but favourites include cutting the veggie roast, decorating the tree and having the family all together.

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