"And The Sun Will Shine / The Dog Presides" session

Early February 1968 • For Paul Jones

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the And The Sun Will Shine / The Dog Presides 7" Single.
EMI Studios, Studio Three, Abbey Road

Some songs from this session appear on:

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Early February 1968, Peter Asher made his debut as a producer, to record the new single of ex-Manfred Mann, Paul Jones. He had asked Paul McCartney to join the session, and Paul ended up playing drums on the two sides of the single, along with Jeff Beck on guitar, Paul Samwell-Smith on bass, Nicky Hopkins on keyboards, and Paul Jones on vocals.

Paul McCartney was on drums on that session, It was during the time I used to hang out with Peter Asher and Paul wanted to play drums because he could.

Paul Jones – from the liner notes of The Paul Jones Collection (CD)
From Hot Wired Guitar: The Life Of Jeff Beck, by Martin Power:

Locked into a low-paying contract that forced him to release below-par singles wholly unrepresentative of his undoubted talent or preferred musical direction, and with a band now on the verge of desertion, Beck continued to prop up his income with the odd session. The most notable of these was an inspired contribution to the B-side of ex-Manfred Mann singer Paul Jones’ single ‘And The Sun Will Shine’, cut in the early spring of 1968. Written by the Gibb Brothers – aka the Bee Gees – ‘And The Sun…’ was a fairly innocuous example of late-sixties pop balladry. But its flip side, ‘The Dog Presides’, was much more rewarding to the ear. Cut at Abbey Road’s famous Studio II, ‘The Dog Presides’, featured an all-star cast of musicians and fashionable London faces. Making his debut as a producer was Pete Asher of Peter & Gordon, a singing duo that had already achieved considerable notoriety with four million-selling singles, the best known of which was ‘A World Without Love’. The brother of Jane Asher – then dating Beatle Paul McCartney – Pete had asked McCartney to attend the session at which he ended up playing drums. Also along for the ride was Jeff’s former bandmate and now producer in his own right, Paul Samwell-Smith, who added bass guitar. To give things an extra helping of top-end sheen, Nicky Hopkins brought along his keyboard, leaving Beck to provide some typical fiery runes from the neck of his Gibson Les Paul. The result of all this superstar jamming was a cracking little tune, sung beautifully by Jones, whose panicky harmonica fills were a perfect complement to Jeff’s growling lead lines. For Beck, who reportedly earned a week’s rent from ‘The Dog Presides’, there was only one regret: “Well, all I remember [about it] was hoping Paul McCartney would sing“.

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Songs recorded


The Dog Presides

Written by Paul Jones


Album Officially released on And The Sun Will Shine / The Dog Presides



Paul McCartney:
Nicky Hopkins:
Paul Jones:
Lead vocal, Harmonica
Jeff Beck:
Paul Samwell-Smith:

Production staff

Peter Asher:


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Hazel Fortune 3 years ago

And on 'The Sun Will Shine' a string quartet of students from the Royal Academy of Music added after the main recording. I was one of the violinists aged 18.

The PaulMcCartney Project 3 years ago

oh whaou, Thanks Hazel, I didn't know that ! Must be an awesome souvenir !

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