"High In the Clouds" session

February 2015 • For Paul McCartney
Capitol Records Building, Los Angeles, USA


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Paul McCartney and Lady Gaga were together in Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, to record a track for the soundtrack of the upcoming animated film “High In The Clouds”, an adaptation of the eponym children book co-written by McCartney.

I’m getting involved in an animated feature film. That’s my focus at the moment. It’s the same kind of thing, and again I get to write to some sort of specification in my own mind. One of the first things in this film is a female rock star who runs this animal city – it sounds crazy – so I have to write her number. It had to be one in which she gets everyone in her power, so it needed to be a good soul number. I had fun doing that and I’ll be recording that next year with a female singer.

Paul McCartney – interview with Lewis Corner, November 2014

On February 4, 2015, Lady Gaga published two photos of her with Paul McCartney, hinting at a future collaboration.

In the studio was producer Greg Kurstin, who would produce Paul McCartney’s 2018 album “Egypt Station“. As he remembers in 2018, this was the first session they did together. From Rolling Stone, July 3, 2018:

How did you first meet Paul McCartney?

We did a session together for this film. I’m still not sure if it’s happening or not, but we spent one day live in the studio with a full band, a brass section, background singers and everything for this song that Paul had written for an animated film. I don’t know what the status of it is, but I think it was a trial for Paul and me. I think he wanted to see what it was like working with me. That was the first time.

Do you know the name of this movie?

I don’t, to be honest. It’s an animated movie based on a book, but I don’t know exactly what. I really didn’t get that much information on it.

How long ago did that happen?

At least three years ago, if not more. My timeline skills are horrible, but it was at least a year before I began working on the album.

Greg Kurstin – From Rolling Stone, July 3, 2018
From Lady Gaga’s Instagram – “Had a beautiful session with Sir Paul McCartney and friends. Working on one of his many secret projects! Killer musicians, vibe, and lots of laughs.“
From Lady Gaga’s Instagram – “Always a good time with my buddy. I’ll never forget when he called me last year to work and I hung up the phone cuz I thought it was a prank!“
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From Instagram – Paul McCartney and Lady Gaga working on High In The Clouds – Capitol Studios, Feb 2015 – Photo by MJ Kim
Paul McCartney High in the cloud recording session - from paulmccartney.com, 2015
Paul McCartney High in the cloud recording session – From 2015 – In Photographs | PaulMcCartney.com

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Greg Kurstin:


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