"Hiroshima Sky Is Always Blue" session

Saturday, January 28, 1995 • For Yoko Ono
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Hog Hill Studio, Rye, UK

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The recordings were not planned. It was more the result of our reconciliation after twenty years of bitterness and feuding bullshit. It was incredible working with Paul. Here were these people who had never played together actually making music.

Sean Lennong, from The Beatles: Off The Record 2 – The Dream is Over, by Badman, Keith

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Songs recorded




Paul McCartney:
Backing vocals, Bass
Linda McCartney:
James McCartney:
Heather McCartney:
Backing vocals, Percussion
Yoko Ono:
Mary McCartney:
Backing vocals, Percussion
Stella McCartney:
Backing vocals, Percussion
Sean Lennon:

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