All You Horse Riders

Written by Paul McCartney

Album This song officially appears on the McCartney II - Archive Collection Official album.
Timeline This song has been officially released in 2011

Master release

Related sessions

This song has been recorded during the following studio sessions

"McCartney II" sessions #1

June - July 1979

Other outtakes from "McCartney II"

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Song facts

All You Horse Riders” is a song written and performed by Paul McCartney, recorded during the sessions for “McCartney II” in 1979. It remained officially unissued till the the re-edition of “McCartney II”  in 2011, as part of the Archive Collection.

In The 12 Weirdest Paul McCartney Songs listed by RollingStone: “Let’s go for a ride!” Incredibly, some material was just too weird for McCartney II. This track, best described as synthesizer cow-punk, was left off the album (although it resurfaced decades later as a bonus track).

Last updated on November 13, 2016


all you horse riders,
come on now
get your horses out

All you horse riders
get your horses out,
we're gonna go for a ride
Come on


Now... now get up in your saddle
(Yeah, now)

Take your reins in your hand now
Let's go for a ride now
All you horse riders
Come on now, let's ride!

Ride ride...right
keep them up now
right, right, yes, alright

Yeh, you riding fine

Hold it!
now you got it, you got it...


Now, get ready now
come on now
now get ready, everybody!

Now d'you see that stream ahead?
Alright, we gonna jump it.

Now, hold back now,
Get yourself steady now,
Now jump it!
Now jump it...jump it...over, over, ohhh yeah yeah
Yeah ohhh you got it right!
You jump it over

Hold it back now
Keep on riding
Keep on riding
Come on, ride it!
come on ride it!
Yeah, you got it now

Now hold your step up now
Ride it
Ohhhh you got it
Yeah, you got it right
you got it right

All you horse riders
You got it right

Now keep your step steady now
You getting ready to come into the
Finishing straight
Finishing straight

Up ahead
Now watch out now
You got it now
Ride it ride it
Yeah you ridin' now

Come on now
Steady up now

Right there
All you horse riders, right there
Yeah you ridin' fine
You ridin' wild

Ohh yes, you ridin'
move in, alright

Warm down now, warm down
Ready now
Calming all out
Slow now alright
Slow now..alright, whohh, whohhhh
whoah, whohhhw, whohhhhww...

All you horse riders

Officially appears on

McCartney II - Archive Collection

Official album • Released in 2011

10:10 • Studio versionA • Medley with "Blue Sway"

Paul McCartney :
Bass, Drums, Electric guitar, Keyboards, Mixing engineer, Percussion, Producer, Synthesizers, Vocals
Eddie Klein :
Mixing assistant

Session Recording:
June - July 1979
Studio :
Home Studio, Peasmarsh, Sussex, UK

Session Recording:
June - July 1979
Studio :
Spirit Of Ranachan Studio, Campbeltown, Scotland

Session Mixing:
Sep 25, 1979
Studio :
EMI Studios, Abbey Road

Credits & recording details courtesy of Luca Perasi • Buy Paul McCartney: Music Is Ideas. The Stories Behind the Songs (Vol. 1) 1970-1989 on Amazon


MoMac's Hidden Tracks Vol.13

Unofficial album

3:24 • Studio version

The Lost McCartney Album

Unofficial album • Released in 2000

3:15 • Rough mix

Recording :
June - July 1979
Studio :
Home at Peasmarsh, East Sussex ; Spirit Of Ranachan Studio, Campbeltown, Scotland

McCartney II - Ultimate Archive Collection

Unofficial album • Released in 2016

3:48 • Studio version

Studio Rarities - Volume 2

Unofficial album • Released in 2016

3:44 • Outtake

Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.


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