Always Be There

Written by Paul McCartneyUnreleased song

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Song facts

There’s actually one song that didn’t make the record. It’s called “Always Be There” and it was kind of my favorite song.

Why didn’t it make it?

Rusty Anderson: I don’t know. But Paul said, “next record.”

A ballad?

No, it’s not. It’s almost like a Beatles track that was never released back then. Like ’64. I feel kind of weird saying that. I don’t wanna piss off Paul. But I said to him, ’cause I saw a list of the sequence of songs and I said, “Oh, ‘Always Be There’ is not going to be on it, huh?” and he goes, “Ah, next record we’ll put it on.” For some reason, I guess he thought it didn’t fit. But I thought that was a great track.

Rusty Anderson, interview with Beatlefan, 2001

[…] There was another one that was very Beatley called “I Will Always be There” and it didn’t make it, I’m not sure exactly why, but Paul didn’t want it on there. Very good song. Very similar to early Beatles. Like “You Won’t See Me”, like that era. Light-hearted … Very cool song, I wish it had made it on the record, but I trust Paul’s judgement.

Gabe Dixon, interview with Beatlefan, 2001

Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.


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