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Released in 1998

La De Da

Written by Richard StarkeyMark HudsonDean GrakalSteve Dudas

Last updated on July 11, 2020

Album This song officially appears on the Vertical Man Official album.

Timeline This song was officially released in 1998

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This song was recorded during the following studio sessions:

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La De Da” is a song from Ringo Starr’s 1998 album, “Vertical Man“. It features Paul McCartney on the bass and on backing vocals. Paul’s contribution was recorded in September 1997 at his Hog Hill Mill Studio, and couple of images appeared on the promotional video for “La De Da“.


La, la de da

All you got to say is la de da

I live my life, it's only right

Because I can't live your life for you

I'm satisfied, feeling high

Because I found out just what to do

Oh, you can bet I never let the things I get get the best of me

When I get blue, here's what I do and so can you

It is no mystery when you sing

La la de da, like que sera sera

Whatever la de da, la de da

All you got to say is la de da

You don't need to cry (cry)

No reason why is ever good enough for me

We can take a walk, just laugh and talk

Whatever's going to be will be

And when it rains I don't complain, I'm like a train, I just keep rolling on

Sometimes you lose, you blow a fuse, you're not immune

To what's been going on, sing along

And when you're down, it can be found

Turn it around, you know the remedy

(You always get what you always get you always get what you always get)

Just cut some slack, don't look back Because it's a fact it will be okay

When you say

Just like Doris Day said que sera

La la de da, la la de da, la la de da

All you got to say is la de da

All I got to say is, all we got to say is

It's the only way is la de da

La la de da, la la de da, La la de da

Come on, everybody

La la de da

This one's for you, mate

La la de da

It went la de da, I say

La la de da, la la de da

Come on, join me with this line!

La la de da, la la de da, la


  • A Album version
  • A1 Radio Edit

Officially appears on


  • Alone Together Vol.2

    Unofficial album • Released in 2014

    0:37 • Alternate take • Rehearsal with Paul McCartney

  • Alone Together Vol.2

    Unofficial album • Released in 2014

    4:25 • Alternate take • Alternate Mix, 4'24 version

  • Alone Together Vol.2

    Unofficial album • Released in 2014

    2:12 • Alternate take • unreleased short 2'11 version


Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.

Paul McCartney writing

Talk more talk, chat more chat

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